Friday, December 18, 2015

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Saving the Planet this year. Hope you enjoy.
Love Carla & Trevor.
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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Fair

The last post was not completed. It would not let me move the curser. I am hoping to be able to post the photos the girls took. Zoe was the most successful. People loved her candles and they Went well. Even a chance of later orders. Bella sold a couple of shirts . Surprised at that as she is such A talented artist, I thought she'd have a runout. Her lucky Dips went quite well.http://feetjeblogt.wordpress. I am sorry to say it won't get to my iPad photos so I'll try my laptop tomorrow. ( gotta go to another funeral today. Brings home the problems of age)

Good news and bad

Hi, one worry over, the divorce and settlement are through and son has one or two less worries. Just leaves him in debt now which is a burden he could do without. At least the place we live is safe now for him, the girls and us and we can get on with our lives. The bad news or I guess disappointing news is, I had a stall at our local Fair and hardly sold any of my lovely rag dolls. I guess they are not plastic !!! What was such good therapy for me when I was so sick has now ended as I am not making them when they have no home to go to. Will contact hospitals and Police to see if they are interested. The other half is still having problems. On insulin but not styling yet an a sore on his foot still not healing after many weeks, despite regular dressing.