Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Old Leftover

When I got to Rick & Karen's today to babysit Sarah,Rick was still home as he had to take Leftover the dog, to the vet. She was curled up in a ball and unable to move, with the sudden drop in temperature. Imagine my surprise when he came back with her again. She has at least some days respite because they are treating her with anti-inflamatories. She never even complains the poor old girl so we wait and see. It was a very cold day , I don't think it got over 15 degrees . Good thing Rick was having a new fire installed today.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Another Day

Had a special meeting of the Residents' Committee of our village and the owner today. We were shown the budget and the result of which was that our weekly rates will go up. We expected about $5.00 as the rates were held steady while the village was being built but we had to talk hard to keep him down to a rise of $7.00.It's hard on pensioners like us but fine for those with money.It is mainly a problem because the petrol prices have put up the price of shopping as well.However, we'll make do because we really live in such a beautiful environment. Karen ,your photos are lovely. Have fun with your new toy. Today is Net's birthday so again, have a very Happy Bithday dear sister, we love you.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Just some Diary notes

It is Tuesday and Caitlyn is now asleep because we have been to Rockingham City. Had a sandwich with mum,Vicki and Oma just had a walk around because she does not get out much these days. Actually , almost felt guilty but I would have felt more so if I had bought anything, I saw a nice 0verblouse & singlet but I am so good these days, I did not buy. We had a nice weekend because on Saturday we went to Jo's Birthday. She's OLD now,40!!It was a nice evening and good to see some of their friends whom we had not seen for a while. henry Phang,from Singapore was here as well so came with Viv and Mick.With Nanny & Geoff there from Xmas Island, she had an overseas contingent. Jo's official Birthday is on Wednesday and Net's on Friday.HAPPY BIRTHDAY both of you and Ellie too who celebrates the same day as Jo. We left at just after 9.30 , with the four oldest kids to spend the night with Oma & Pop, so the parents could enjoy themselves.They were just marvellous. Sunday morning, Trev set off early with Riley because Riley had to play footy.The Dockers won on Saturday and Scott took Trev, as Jo was gettting ready for her party, he always loves that but says they did not really play well. Then on Sunday night we had sister Nanny, Bs.I.L. Geoff and Gary for tea. Nanny & Geoff were to go back to Christmas Island on Monday. We had a nice night and Gary was happy because he had photos of baby Anna plus he won the Golf at Bunbury. Well done Gary. Is keen to see his wife back home ( Net is still in Kalgoorlie with Kristy & the baby.)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Thursday today

We went to Princess Margaret Children's hospital today to sell Entertainment books. We occasionally do voluntary work for them.Trevor must still have the sales touch because we sold 31 books ( at $60.00 each) and that was the record sale.When one sees some of the poor kids there, and that is only those that can be moved,one realises how lucky one is with all these lovely healthy kids and grandies.

Here we have the very beautiful and dignified final exit from this world of Tante Jeanne. We were told it was a beautiful day. I am told her son, Dick ,spoke well and emotionally. I have not heard who were at the funeral and certainly hope that it was most of the family .Her last goodbye to us, who now are the generation keeping the family of Hendrik Kelder and Clara Mulder together.. The flowers facing us , the red with Australian blue greenery, were the flowers from us. R.I.P.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Here she is, another gorgeous little girl has come into our family, Anna Patricia, to Kristy and Colin.Congratulations Kristy & Colin. Their first and also Net & Gary's first grandchild.I am sure no grandparents could be prouder,congratulations Oma and Granddad.Anna, like all our girls ,bears the name of our dear late mother and her other name is that of her other Great Grandma so well chosen and sounds great.Look forward to seeing Anna soon. (She was born in Kalgoorlie) Then,on Mothers' Day, we went for a picnic to Fairbridge Farm School. It was good to see that the place is now being restored . There is some still to go but one is able to hire any of the cottages at really very reasonable rates, have meals there and there is even a coffee shop open all day. I'd actually like to go back another time. It was great to see so many of the family there.Net ,ofcourse, was in Kal with her new Granddaughter. Here are my 3 eldest girls being photogenic and then performing for the crowd when being told "Pull your head in ". With courtesy to Karen for the photos. (Took them off her website, did ask but it did not seem to publish the comment!!!!)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Great Escape

On Anzac day,the 25th of April,an earth tremor caused a mine collapse in Beaconsfield,Tasmania. One miner was found dead a few days later but 5 days after the disaster,contact was made with 2 miners,still alive and in a cage, 1 km underground.Yesterday, a fortnight later, they walked out of the mine lift, under their own steam. When found ,rescue efforts started immediately,ofcourse. A tunnel was dug to reach them , a pipe was put through a probe so that they could receive food and other comforts and yesterday,in the early hours of the morning,recuers reached them . What a great story of human endeavour and mateship. Just hope and wish they are both OK now and that their recuers will receive appropriate recognition.

Sad Tales

Gosh I keep on losing what I have typed. This is the last try.Lost our Tante Jeanne on Wednesday last week. It was very sad because we thought she had progressed and rallied, since she broke her leg befor her 99th B'day on April 1st. It appears she was wrongly medicated and there was a reaction between medications she was taken and what she was given at the hospital.That is the end of a generation and I hope that our generation can contribute positively to this world so that those who are now gone can be proud of us and the next generation will appreciate us. It was sad too because she wanted to make the 100 like her sisters and that pleasure was cruelly taken away from her.At least she is not in pain any more. R.I.P. Tante Jeanne.The funeral is at 3.30 today.