Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More events with the Cubbyhouse

She' s 12 now, our Zoe.
Caitlyn under Aunty Jo's arm
A lovely day was had by all at the annual, Branch / Donnes get together. Yes we DO like the family bits.
Host Steven,checking the Lamb on a spit.
Fathers, Mothers,sisters,brothers and cousins.
Sophia, the youngest member of the family, with uncle Rick, was passed a round like a parcel.
Mum & Baby,Jacqueline & Sophia.
The proud new parents
The two little ones, Caitlyn & Ella
Australian 'Native" Blue tongue Ella!
Oh Oh, Zoe bashing Father XmasFinally , presents around the tree
The mare,2 doors away had a foal at 2 am today. Saw him at the start of my walk and at the end.
5 hrs old, just resting
6 hrs old and he's on his legs,so cute

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Family day at the Cubbyhouse

Sorry to say I am still unable to download photos from my phone. What a shame, had some lovely photos at Kings Park, when we took our Dutch visitors, Adrie & Jan. They had their flight to Christmas Island cancelled and had to re-book via Singapore instead of KL. That cost them $500 plus what they had paid for hotels in KL , I suppose. I did suggest those charter flights were not reliable but they are cheaper than the trip from Perth, We went to see Bella & sarah at their swimming lessons, then were treated to dinner at an old favourite foodhall, Spencer Street Village, for some good Chinese indulgence.
We had a farewell barbecue for Jan & Adrie on Rick & Karen's deck. Was a nice day with nice food and nice family.
The other end of the deck.if you can see them despite Scott!Bruce, Rick,Travis (just) Adrie , Vicki & Jan.
Karen,Kasha & Net
Gentleman OI.
Pixie was getting too small and is not able to canter or jump so ..the search for a new pony resulted in this beauty, she is called Pixie too.Now, Pixie one is up for sale.
The familiarisation tour,Bella and Pixie too.
Pixie too ,she's pretty and likes the pats.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Rememberance day at the Cubbyhouse.

Do have some photos to sort out but what impressed us was the schoolchildren who yesterday, placed an AUSTRALIAN FLAG on EVERY plaque in memory of the fallen soldiers, when we were in King's Park. A great sight to see. What a wonderful way to remind kids about the reason that they are free and live in this great country. A pity some of our newer immigrants don't appreciate that in the same way.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

A day in Freo,the cubbyhouse mob and visitors.

I think these 2 were not published either,on the wedding post so here they are. The older (wiser?????)of the next generation Joh,Dan,Julie,Kelly,Rachel,Chris.
Rick & Grace
On Sunday, when the boy was feeling a little better, after his wedding wine tasting, we went for a drive to Freo. Had ciffee and something to eat at the E-shed food hall ( always recommended and always very reasonably priced.) We had a wander around and the visitors managed a few more small purchases. Before E-shed (which,incidentally, is where we arrived from Holland , on the Johan van Oldenbarneveld, 57 years ago on September the 11th) We walked to the Welcome walls where our family's arrival is engraved, saw a big container ship leave and checked on the training ship, Leeuwin.
The Leeuwin
Maritime museum & container ship, Fremantle Harbour
the writing on the wall

Thursday, November 05, 2009

THE wedding ,with the Cubbyhouse family.

Here my pick of the photos of Michael and Kasha's Wedding. It was a beautiful day, a beautiful setting, a beautiful bride and a great dinner aND A BEAUTIFUL PARTY. Everyone else looked pretty snazzy too. Was lovely to see Vicki and Karen in very chic dresses. Raven proudly leads his mum in to "Give her away".
The Ceremony. I was one of seven,chosen to tie a ribbon around their wrists to bind them together. I was very very pleased to be chosen.
Anna and more Anna ,she did a great job.
Anna with Aunty Denise
Kasha & Michael with flowergirl Anna
That gorgeous cake
The nicest Halloween setting I've seen.
Us Net gives her speech
The Bridal Couple take the floor Net & Gary, Julie Had more here but lost them and it is bedtime,up early to look after the girls tomorrow so must go to bed.

Monday, November 02, 2009

The Cubbyhouse owners and visitors go South

Had 5 nice days down South with cousins Jan & Adrie from Holland. Based in Dunsborough and driving from there to Augusta, the wineries,lavender farms,Balingup,Nannup and Donnybrook. We had mostly pleasant weather, ate lots enjoyed the company of cousins Lyndall, Paul , Christopher and Matthew and generally admired ,once again, God's own country.
While there we received the very welcome news of the birth of Sophia to Jacquie and Frank on Thursday the 29th of Oct. Congratulations and hope to see you soon.
Yes there was also that lovely wedding last weekend. Will keep you in suspense but I do have some lovely photos.