Friday, December 29, 2006

Boxing Day

We had another big get togethere at Scott and Jo's on Boxing Day. It was breakfast/lunch or brunch and we certainly had plenty of food again. There was bacon ,sausages,eggs,fruit,croissants,toast,yoghurt(none was eaten),tomatoes plus one of Suhaima's laksa's with pancakes as well as normal pancakes and other bits and pieces. The Donnes clan joined us. the kids swam in the pool and a great time was had by all once again. We shopped on the next day and got a few replacement Xmas lights and quite a few clothes to take on the cruise . We really did well in that area with the sales. I managed one pair of slacks from $59.99 down to $9.98 because it had been discounted previously ,then everything in the shop was half price.That was just great.No item cost more than $18.98. Not bad eh?? Trev put in some fans for Net & Gary yesterday & I went too, so nice to have a natter with my sister for a change as I don't see her much on her own now.Making a piniata for her for New Year's Eve
. We have to wear hats or masks so organised that too today. Was supposed to work in the cafe, I am a standby but was sent home as there were too many staff,so had a bit more time for these fiddly bits. We won quite a big hamper in the village Christmas raffle, which was nice but more nibbles and more biscuits. Will provide the nibbles for New Year's Eve.Photos will come later, I have not downloaded them yet. HAPPY NEW YEAR to EVERYONE. May 2007 be a Healthy and Happy one for all our Family and Friends. Good luck too and I guess everyone with me,wishes for World peace at last

Monday, December 25, 2006

Just a Few More

At Lomond's(Bruce's Mum) after airport. Eeeeh from Chelsea Aaaaah from Caitlyn

Home for Christmas

OOOOH from Annna What they did to the Alpharetta kid The eldest 3 with the real Father Xmas Michael & Jess reading poetry Yes the REAL father Christmas came a Great Christmas Eve again. We ate too much and drank too much.We wrote and read

poetry and we received some great presents. A wonderful evening and thank you Vicki & Travis. Today about 12 of our neighbours called in as we had invited them for some Christmas cheer. Vicki, Trav & Caitlyn did too, as they usually do on their way to Maureen & Kim. We had seafood and chicken & ham & salad for lunch , just the two of us. Then at 5 we went to Ina & Frank's for more food, more drinks and convivial company. Christine & Rod Avery(neighbours of Ina & fellow Res.Com. member for me)called in as well.Tomorrow we celebrate again with Brunch at Scott & Jo's This time the Donnes family will join us. I have a lot of photos to put in to illustrate this page but will see how many blogger lets me do.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Getting Close to Xmas

Yes, just a week to go. Did our big shop today & will do the last minute fresh things next week.Bruce ,Denise ,Chelsea & boyfriend Rob are here, they arrived last Sunday. This afternoon Nanny & Geoff arrive so they are all here then.Tomorrow we celebrate Denise's birthday at their unit in Scarborough, they are able to spend a week or so there before it is rented out again. Kristy , Anna and Colin have arrived back from Kalgoorlie and are in their new house so it really is a big de Jong re-union for Christmas eve and breakfast on Boxing day ,really Brunch and at Scott & Jo's. Xmas Eve will be at Vicki & Travis'. My eye seems to be really good and the surgeon is very proud of himself as he said it was a big job. It seems to flash a bit like floaties so I must ask about that on my next visit ,10th of January. However, I can SEE and some things without glasses. Poor old Frank Franken had a sudden trip to hospital last Monday morning at 4 am. Luckily not his heart but gallbladder. Unfortunately he has a lot of bleeding so looks like being in hospital for a while. We lost one of our Residents last week to cancer. he was very well respected and a lovely man which was evident by the number of residents and other friends and family. at his funeral service.Colin and his wife Val were very devoted but luckily she has a big family who support her at this time. The Residents Committtee met on Thursday and I was Vice President for about 5 minutes ,until we could not find a Secretary so that is what I ended up with, more work!! Our Social Committee was useless this year, apart from 3 people, so we need to get a lot of good new blood on that now. Their elections are in January. It is what one would call BLOODY hot here today, 36 degrees. Hope the fires do not start. That's it ,until next time . If I don't get time to get back before Christmas , HAPPY CHRISTMAS from our house to yours, to all our Friends and Family. Enjoy!!!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

I CAN spell

Sorry it is forget. Blame the eyesight or the lack of editing. Had the kids for lunch one Sunday recently and Rick & Trev put up my lights that were out of my reach. It looks good. There are some other really lovely ones in the village. I won a prize with this entry in "Crafty Yarns", a magazine from the Fox Collections where I get my crosstitch gear.I'Ve won a voucher to use on their products,nice eh?

The Eye has it

Had my operation on Tuesday and it all went very well. The anaesthetist would not give me a general, because of other problems, especially the sleep apnea. I was a bit worried about that. The Eye specialist said it was an intricate op. because the cataract was so big but he managed to clear it all without having to put in stitches.I was so pleased and so was the Dr on my followup visit on Wednesday.The worst problem is that I foreget I'm not supposed to bend down and I only remember when I AM bending down but... so far so good. I t has not worried me a great deal and I have continued with my normal activities. We had our first meeting with the new Residents' Committee and we have not decided on the positions as yet as some people did not know each other. That is to happen next week.No babysitting so have had a chance to do some library work and a bit of research for the new Residents ' Committee. Have got all the Xmas Pressies bought and wrapped and poems written ,I am a clever girl. Just wanted it finished because of the eye business. Have not written cards except the overseas ones so please be patient, They will happen. I did take a picture of me with my patched eye but as usual, too many double chins so will put on one that looks like the view I had when the Dr was operating.

Friday, November 24, 2006


Oh it is good to have friends.Mine were booked to go out to lunch on Dec 6th but I had to pull out because of my eye operation. Now they have decide they do not want to go without me and will go in January instead. That was just so nice, I was quite emotional over it and thanked them for it too.Here is my public Thank You. I have had 2 weeks fairly easy because Vicki has had 2 weeks off work, Dr's order because the boss had caused a bit of a stress situation over Vicki needing to reduce hours of work.She goes to her new branch next week.I have been very busy organizing my Christmas things, (yes, I cooked my Xmas cakes and some shortbread too),doing some very necessary library work and lobbying for people to stand for the Residents Committee in the village because only an election will give them the choice of people they want.I typed out a few of the profiles to help those willing to stand. As well we needed to persuade some of the newer residents to stand and fortunately we did.Elections are on the 30th. Scott had his knee operation and he is walking already. We are amazed because when Trev had his done ,many years ago, he had to stay in bed and then rest for weeks. I have had a walk nearly every day and my dear little Mac has had a walk quite often too and he is really looking trim. The kids are coming for lunch on Sunday and putting up the Xmas lights that I can't get up on the ladder for. They come in handy eh? But it is always nice to have them. Trev has started his first lawn bowling lessons here at the village. The green is officially being opened on Dec 3rd.

Lastly, my family in Holland, I wonder if any of them still look at this because I don't hear much from them. The idea of this was to inform friends and family (like the ones in the US too!!!!) ,it is a much more interesting way of doing so , though I realise, not personal.Let me know if you want me to email you personally instead.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A lot to Say

Yes.she's walking!!! I've got a lot of updating to do but am very busy at the moment,various things. Will get to it so in the meantime, Hi everyone,we're doing great.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The eyes have it

Excitement yesterday as I finally got the appointment to have my eye operation. Spent today filling out forms and getting reports from Dr Sumich,my G.P. Even she thought it had been a long wait and thought I had already had it done. Gosh, have never had to fill in so much paperwork for a day procedure. Being operated on, on the eve of St. Nicholas Day, the 5th of December and back to specialist on the 6th. (a pity, I'll miss lunch with the girls.) While at Garden City , bought an outfit for the cruise and I really like it.By the time I had done that and stopped over at Livingstone shopping centre, it was not worth going home so had a cuppa and went to Scott's as I had to pick the kids up from school. Welcome home to my sisters, Net from Kalgoorlie, granddaughter visit, Nanny from KL and Penang.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Here we are again

Well at last we seem to be returning to a reasonable level of health after that horror flu. Even now we still get very tired and have the occasional coughing fit but generally it seems to be disappearing. Have never had such a longlasting flu with so many side effects. I am back into baby sitting again but Karen has kindly taken over the care of Caitlyn on Wednesdays,which gives me another break.Hence she has so many cute photos of Caitlyn on her blog lately. We will no doubt be doing a few extra babysits because the festive season's functions are starting.I had Caitlyn & Sarah today and they were both lovely. We do it again tomorrow and finish up with Zoe & Riley at their place because Scott & Jo have a function to go to. Tea will be already done for us so that is a bonus. Scott has a few things medically to be doen, a lump on a finger being looked at this week, Knee cartilage to be fixed on the 20th and laser work on his eyes next January.That will keep him out of trouble!!! Last Friday we paid our deposit for our holiday in March next year.We have been saving hard and the petrol money Vicki & Rick have banked for us will help as well. We go to Brisbane for 1 night. Then 7 nights on the Pacific Star to Noumea,Lifou and Vila. Back to Brisbane and another 5 nights there. Have only ever done a cruise to nowhere on a Russian ship , besides my coming here on the Johan van Oldenbarneveld and Trevor did a cruise to Sydney in his youth, so we are really looking forward to this one. Lastly a couple of milestones to record. Caitlyn is finally walking, all the time now and Bella has started her riding lessons. I'll pinch one of Karen's photos again but one must agree with me, she looks like she has been riding a horse all her life!!!Riley & Zoe are doing school swimming at the moment and Riley has started to play cricket.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Karen's skills

Here is a copy of one of Karen's banners which she used on her blogger. Yesterday she won a Highly commended certificate at the Kelmscott show photographic exhibition. Congratulations Karen, as I said, we knew you were good, now it is officially recognised. You'll have to enter more. Flu progressing, still coughing and bad ear but slowly getting there. Actually had 2 walks with my dog to try & get out of the rut.Trev DID see the Dr and was also quite impressed with him. He is still coughing as well ofcourse , but again,we'll get there.We shopped at Carousel yesterday and had a drive, with coffee at Carmel Rose nursery, to help pep us up a bit. Bought some soil improvers too. I think he is going to have a go at the front garden as the bulbs are finished and looking messy. (For those who don't know, it is handkerchief size, probaly 2x 2 1/2 meters!!!! )

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Maybe Tomorrow

I went to see Rick & Karen's doctor yesterday and was quite impressed with him. He said I should be starting to feel better after changing my anti-biotic and conjunctivitis medication to stronger ones and told me to keep taking the chinese cough mix,hold my nose & blow it to try & get the gunk from behind my eardrum and take telfast or claritine for the sinus problems. Today I speak better, cough less but the bad throat and ear are the same. Maybe , not quite as bad because I am getting a few batches of 4-5 hours sleep in instead of one hour at a time. Maybe Tomorrow it will be better again. Now the old boy has increased coughing. Ofcourse he won't see the Dr so we put up with it, don't we!!!! I am very grateful to Travis, Net and Karen who have stepped in to help mind Caitlyn and the other odd babysits Trev & I have managed between us. It does stress me out a bit wonderering what will happen with the kids if I'm sick but it seems to have worked out OK. If I have forgotten any important events like birthdays, I am sorry, I am not thinking too well as yet. Wow, I even managed to load up my Bottlebrush in bloom!! and here's a smile I was sent by Nick.

Monday, October 16, 2006


Grevillia I sit at the computer while almost everyone in the village is attending the special meeting to consider the Rules.A most unlikely event since normally I would not have missed it for quids. I always hope a few sparks will be ignited or even better, will fly but generally I am disappointed. People seem to want to criticise but when it comes to a forum where they can actually do so, they seem to have lost their tongues. Well, I do believe I have made my thoughts known at the Residents Committee meetings but as I am generally outvoted , it is just a wipe out.Trevor has gone and is even doing the Registrations for me so I'll hope to get a full report from him. The reason I'm not there is because I've had this dreadful flu and mainly ,because of my having to use a CPAP machine to sleep,because of my sleep apnea, my throat has just been so sore all the way through.This has developed into a laryngitis. It starts with terrible body pains,I had it in my upper body and thought it was a real bad bout of arthritis. Then the sniffles and the bad coughs appear. I also now have a closed up ear and conjunctivitis. We managed to get Caitlyn minded for two days so I could stay in bed but this week I have to do my best because sons Scott & Rck are away in Kalgoorlie for 10 days so we can't abandon the girls.Today I just kept my glasses on and wrapped a piece of sheeting around my face as a mask. Must look really good but Caitlyn did not mind.I Did get some antibiotics from another doctor,mine was on holidays .The stipid woman asked me if there had been a change in my voice , when I was hardly able to get the words out at all.!!!!Someone here suggested a Chinese herbal medicine and I am trying that and hope for some success because I'm not getting much sleep either.Oh well,it can only get better. I do miss my walks. Am including some Grevillia and Bottle brush in bloom along the way of my walk. Ah well .it does not like my bottle brush.Tried loading it twice.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Arcadia Waters Birthday

Cousins at Re union 2006 4 out of 5 Justlove her in that hat href=""> Pretty girl in Aunty Denise's dress. The Village had another Birthday on the weekend and we celebrated with a fair ,couple of stalls,sausage sizzle and afternoon teas. Was quite nice and they made some money as well. Our "Kelder "family had their annual re union on Wednesday last week and have just received the photos from cousin Cees,for which we thank him. It was obviously in an idyllic setting and the weather was good.Ofcourse one always wishes to be there but, a bit expensive for just a day, just an airfare to Holland!!!! Rick and Karen have their Anniversary and we wish them a Happy Day. Scott had his Birthday and we celebrated that too.aOne more year and he is 40!!!Poor Caitlyn has had a really bad time. She was vomiting & had bad nappies so Dr diagnosed Rota Virus,a gastric virus which makes a child intollerant to dairy products. She loves her milk & cheese. Poor baby lost more than a kilo in weight but the last 2 days she has been much more cheerful and is eating what we can find for her. Hope she is not stuck with this as Vicki & Travis were told at the hospital and by the Dr , that it could be 6 months intollerance to dairy products. Vicki sent me some lovely pics so I'll pick a few.

Monday, October 02, 2006

2006 Royal Show

That swing!!! Just have a look at these ducks everyone! We decided on Saturday for our Royal Show visit and at the last moment Vicki & Trav decided to go as well so we met them at gate 9. (They had a long way to walk from parking and Vicki was pooped before we started. )However, we really had a great day. There were 2 farm animal sites and Caitlyn thought all the animals were lovely. We went through the sideshows and ooh'd and aahh'd at the rides which were new to us and very scary. We played the clowns, remember kids, we always played the clowns, and won enough toys to stock up at Oma's place as well as her own place. We had a cream waffle, take away chicken,drinks, rolls,hotdogs, as you do at the show. I bought 2 showbags but Vicki did not.We saw the grand parade and the NZ Army band which were great.Dogs were showing, non sporting breeds and we saw the hens and roosters and pigeons,as well as horses and cows. The day was beautiful and we had a lovely time. Caitlyn was a good girl and the other kids will get some money to buy a showbag when they go.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Day in Fremantle

Old Papa's but now newly upgraded. Cappucino strip in Freo. The Birthday boy. Went to Fremantle today with Vicki & Caitlyn as Vicki had to go to the dentist. We had coffee in The Merchant, which used to be Old Papa's. Really nice layout there. Then to the dentist and Net was supposed to be working relief there but did not have to. She decided to meet up with us anyway and Caitlyn had her sit in the chair & familiarisation tour. Then to Target who had a good sale on and Trev actually wanted to buy a few things,some were pressies and also 2 blouses for me, very nice. Had lunch at the Foodhall opposite the markets,then home to pick up the kids from School. Was a really nice day. Gosh my cup runneth over as we had a nice night on Tuesday too with the kids and sisters there. Gotta go home and cook an appeltaart for the cafe now.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Try Again and Trev's Birthday

Changed our mind about Trev's Birthday.Celebrating on Tuesday with simply coffee and cake because everyone seems to be thinking about going to the Royal Show next weekend.Here are Riley & Zoe with Kyah.

Today the Weather is Fine

Riley & Kyah Yes it is a beautiful day today even though Trevor's local team, South Fremantle got badly beaten in the Grand Final .Even worse, the dockers lost on Friday but we all say, at least they got this far. The other WA team, the Eagles , won so they are in the Grand final with Sydney next week. Gives Trev one more chance because Sydney is his Eastern States team. I hope the Eagles win as I am very loyal to my own state. Last night was our dinner, dance. We had a great meal with lots of food and lots of entertainment plus good company. Among many others, I got mentioned for my contributions to the village and was given a couple of towels as well so that was nice. Today we took a drive to see where to ask the family to come for coffee or coffee and lunch to celebrate Trev's birthday. We put it off till next week because we were not sure what was happening with Scott & Jo & kids ready to go to the Grand Final. That was not to be but they will at least have saved a great deal of money. Posting a few pictures of Kyah and also a real cute one of Anna.Will have a look at last night's -photos later.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

She's Gone

Poor old Leftover,Rick & Karen's dog has now gone to better pastures and did so under protest. She was such a great dog and our thoughts are with them. Strange how things go like that because only last week Scott & Jo adopted a 4 year old cocker spaniel named KYAH. She is lovely and a sook. It seems so often ,even in the human factor, that one goes but is replaced by another. Our footy team won their preliminary final, one final to go, Sydney at Sydney and if they win that , it is a grand final the following week. That would be so great for the family and all the other Docker supporters ofcourse. Then again, the Eagles won also and play Adelaide in Adelaide. Wouldn't it be great if it was a WA Grand Final. There would be such an exodus from this state, we would be almost lonely. Victoria is not too happy, no Vicyorian team in the finals. They even say there should be an investigation into the matter. Ha! They're just not good enough. Everyone here has had the flu badly and has had days off work. I have been lucky , obviously that strain was in the flu needle that I have every year.Vicki has had bronchitus. Caitlyn has finally cut her first tooth. Put on these thoughts which our manager has on his desk sometimes. It's rather good but you might need a magnifyer to read it.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sad day for WA Footy

Well, we had the first finals, one after the other and both West Australian Teams lost. Totally unexpected but the Dockers did not deserve to win . I did not see the Eagles but Trev was looking and was pleased to see Sydney win because they are his 2nd favourite team.Luckily , they both have another shot, the advantage of finishing 1st (Eagles) and 3rd (Dockers).

Friday, September 08, 2006

What a Week

The past week has seen some strange happenings. The passing of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter and I did not realise what a huge following he had. Then today the racing car driver, Peter Brock,here in a rally accident,at Gidgigannup. The weather has done such strange things. On Sunday, at our picnic we were hot but since Monday it has been very cold and some days wet and windy as well, so much for Spring. Poor Caitlyn has had a bad week. We thought she was finally cutting a tooth as she had a temp on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday plus the bad nappies and sometimes lack of interest in food. In between she seemed more herself but the Health care nurse suggested a visit to the Doctor. Vicki took her to Andrew on Thursday and he said she had an inner ear infection, hence the temp.Last night she had a rash which was all over her this morning so we decided a visit to Andrew was appropriate again. He named the virus and we had seen that in the book but I have forgotten the name now . She had the typical symptoms of temperature & unwell for 3 days, day 4 seems better but rash all over.The rash looked a lot like German Measels. Poor little mite but she is very good,they just have to take care for a few more days. Finally , our Footy Team, the Dockers have got into the finals and play their first final ,in Adelaide tomorrow. We'll go & see it on the big screen at Scott's. Scott & Jo & kids will go to Melbourne if they manage to get into the Grand final. They have to drive as they lost airfares booked but it will be cheaper to drive.That will take 3 days there , minimum and the same back.Ofcourse one has to get tickets to the event also.It really would be great if the team managed to get to the Grand Final.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Fathers'Day and Spring has Sprung

The beginning of spring and we are very proud of our Iris plants this year. We have had well over 40 flowers so far and we've been able to pick some for the house and still leave enough outside for other people to enjoy. The wattles are beginning to bloom and quite a few other spring flowers are starting to appear. We went to Araluen with our family and the tulips there were beautiful. It was a gorgeous day ,even hot. The biggest problem was the fairly steep entry fee, up for the spring festival,($8 per adult) and the parking is horrible. Only us & Vicki & Travis managed a spot in the carparks. Scott & Jo and Karen & the girls were a long way out. The problem is that one is carrying food and seating arrangements, not funny when returning to the car as it is all UP!!! Rick was working but called in for a short time with his partner . Had some lovely photos , a pity they can't all go on this blog.