Monday, December 29, 2008

A snippet from the chookpen

I believe the Morgans and Julie & Dan went down South for a few days and it looks like they already "brought the New Year in".

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Happy Happy New Year Everyone The"house" is still not happening and we are not very pleased with the builders. It is as if they are determined to make us bide our time now that they have us locked in with our money and our signatures. Three months and a week it has been and no actual physical sign of building. The boys are contemplating all sorts of things, getting out of the contract, going elsewhere, building a self contained shed, you name it. Me..... I am always on the side of caution. Can't bear to lose our money, scared to bend any rules or breaking contracts. It's not good though because I am getting thoroughly peed off with it all.The stress is not very pleasant either.Had we but known about the simplicity of building a self contained shed before!!!Life was certainly not meant to be easy.Well let's get on with the more pleasant sides of life. A lovely lunch on boxing day at Vicki and Travis's. The family lunch to round off the festivities.
Father Xmas dropped this huge box out the front and guess what was in it????
THE GIANT WALKING HER DOG. The only time the dog looks normal size is when the morning sun is behind us but he just would not stand how and where I wanted him to. A Happy New Year to all our Family and
Friends with Love

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Xmas from the Chookpen

We started Christmas Eve by admiring Gary's huge sunflowers,a sight to behold.
Santa came and gave each child a light up candle and some sweets, such a nice touch. Aunty Net thanked him appropriately.
Even Santa himself seemed surprised by the loot bags that are supposed to be the 'stockings", so much so that he nearly forgot to tell the kids where the presents were hidden! It is not easy joining the "de Jong "clan ,especially if you are a young man and from overseas.CHelsea's Brad did very well last night and he received the usual tease stocking with every souvenir available in Perth,hats,flags,novelties and ofcourse,thongs. Our other "Newy", Kasha has intergrated very well and Net made her a lovely 12 days of Christmas stocking. Funny, soppy but nice.Well done sis and the night was lovely.
Rick,Karen and the girls joined us for seafood(and rookworst) lunch in the chookpen today.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Scratchings from the Chookpen

On Sunday all the Family and Bruce's family, gathered in their apartment to celebrate Denise's birthday (n e a r l y the big O ). Chelsea and boyfriend Brad had also arrived from Georgia a few days before so that was a celebration also.It was a very pleasant afternoon. Denise, the Birthday Girl
Chelsea & Brad here from the US with Trav,Vicki & Caitlyn.
It must have been terribly quiet in Byford on Saturday night because I'm sure half the population had headed for the hills and Kalamunda to the Dancing Concert. It was delightful.
Bella's Group
Madam showing off her "Little Black Dress"

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thoughts from the Chookpen (4)

Today it is raining and cool. Predictions are about 25 degrees for Xmas. Off to our 3rd dancing concert tonight and tomorrow to Denise's birthday and say hello to Chelsea, her boyfriend and Nanny. They are all here for Xmas.Nice times to come.
Pop overseeing Rick cleaning the real chookpen to rid the place of ticks.Poor old Mac had some stickfast fleas and we had to treat him for that.
The Gingerbread House
Zoe and Riley helped me.
The little Ballerina in her costume. She had her concert last night. We went home at the interval because she had had her turn and the seats in the Kwinana Performing Arts Centre were the MOST uncomfortable we have ever sat in ANYWHERE!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Scribbles from the Chookpen(3)

Nuytsia Floribunda or Australian Christmas Tree in all its glory. Close ups emphasize why the name Floribunda.
The Branch/Donnes Xmas get together was a great success and very enjoyable once again. The day was perfect, got to 38 degrees but not really felt, up high on the back varandah .The two pops were cooking, as they should , but the Donnes girls pre-cooked as well as doing the eggs etc. It really was a lovely day.
There was great food and champagne as one does at a champagne breakfast.Then there was the lovely company.Sorry about the head Frank)
Bella & Sarah made grab bags for everyone.even adults and Riley wore the lolly basket!
The grandies played Pass the Parcel and statues
All the kids ready for one big bommy
View of Perth from the Donnes varandah

Saturday, December 13, 2008

(0 unread) Yahoo!7 Mail, jacarla2002

(0 unread) Yahoo!7 Mail, jacarla2002 Sister Nanny does not have a blog so I'm publishing her pic of Penny at sunset.Looks more like fire but I guess that is one thing Christmas Island does not have much of.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Scribbles from the chookpen (2)

That IS an Aussie Xmas tree but not too many blooms. I'll try and get a more spectacular one further away.Ofcourse if you double click to enlarge photos you can see some of the yellow blossoms.
The daily walk here takes me to the Road where there is a walking path behind all the new houses in The Brook.I think it is slightly less than a brook, more like a trickle. Quite a pleasant walk but have not met any other walkers. Some dogs on properties, one of which a friendly black Labby.Have not done the whole distance as yet but doing a bit extra every day.I think it will take an hour or a little more ,there and back. Next event is the Xmas get together with Viv and their family,on Sunday ,a tradition which we all enjoy very much.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Scribbles from the "CHOOKPEN" -1-

The Branch "Chookpen" , so named by Rick who gives everything names. We have been here for a week now and use Rick & Karen's back bathroom, which we can access without much disturbance to the family. It works fine. Have bought some fans but may have to invest in a portable aircon later. Got flooded by one of the sprinklers the other night and lost all power. Thank goodness for circuit breakers or we could have lost our fridge (that's where the water was spraying in ) and my C-Pap machine.We have the patio suite in the annex with a small freezer and TV and frypan on a trolley.(the van has no oven).It really is quite comfortable and Mac is happy. So is Oi, who loves to play but Mac is boss,it's the little man syndrome , ofcourse.I am walking and will take some pics there later.Have not done the whole track as yet but will soon.Nearly ready for Xmas, just one poem to write and one pressy to wrap. In case I forget later ,Happy Birthday, Steven Blazevich and Denise Morgan,coming up next week.
The view, including the legendary "Dunny" which Rick created but is really a garden shed.
The devil horse Pixie who keeps uprooting the guyropes of our annex!
We went on a Trev tour of Freo to get Travis the Freo feel!!The view towards the harbour from the monument.
Sunday was Zoe's dancing concert. here she is in two of the costumes. She did very well and looked so much the teenager.
We took Vicki, Trav & Caitlyn to dinner at Roxby's to thank them for having us for 2 1/2 months and when we returned to Rick & Karen's they had lit up for Christmas.
As we came around the corner, how nice, they had lit up the Chookpen as well!!