Friday, May 29, 2009

The Wedding ,with Chook and Rooster attending

It was sooooo good. Saskia and Hyung. Neils & Denise
The wedding was just lovely. Bride and groom looked gorgeous, all went well except the bride got stung by a bee but luckily is not allergic.It was a priviledge to be able to be there.Note the strong Korean influence.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Away from the chookpen,No chooks in KL

Well Karen , you can stop worrying about the Pan Pacific. I actually booked it on the internet and Karen was worried because when you do that you have no comeback if they say you were not booked in. If she books it , you have the guaranttee of a room. It worried me a bit but I must say , in this case we were impressed. There was a meet and greet at the airport and we were transported to the Hotel, as requested. As the following photos will show, our room is just great. Very spacious and clean with a lovely bathroom. The gardens surrounding the hotel are a bonus, just gorgeous and the restaurants are good and not overpriced. We will eat in town most of the time,as per usual, but normally try out the hotel facilities as well. Had a message from Net to say her neighbour died suddenly. She was a kind lady and only young. Net has not had a good few weeks with the news that Kristy and family are going to Sydney for work and she has had a bad bout of sinus. Her birthday has been a non event. But, you're tough Net, we are sure you will cope with it all in your usual way. with a few tears. You know,that is allowed. Think of the visits to Sydney.Love you and see you soon. Josephine is 21 again.We celebrated on Friday night as Sunday Scott & Jo had to go out to bless Ron Matrenza's new factory.Poor old Net could not come and celebrate her birthday as well because she had bad sinus.
Our Room,left and right
The Gardens are just magnificent

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chookpen closed for Holidays

Well, we're off for a few weeks to Kuala Lumpur tonight and request no emails until further notice. Messages are fine ,as I hope to find a computer in the hotel or computer cafe but other things,no , please, for a while. Will add items of interest as soon as possible so hope to keep this updated. Hopefully, our house will be continued as we have had quite a few quotes for work to be done.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The New Chookpen from the Road

This morning I took the camera along when Mac & I went on our walk. Here's the new Chookpen from the main road and across the neighbours' paddocks. Soon it will have a fence on that side.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Just must start with today's quote, Love it. The Family is one of Nature's great Masterpieces. Gary tried to trick our chooks AND Trevor, into laying eggs. The tell tale signs were their smiley faces!!!! THARRR she comes, 25 ton of house,transported,dropped and stumped in just over 1/2 a day.
View from inside
Coming round the corner of Rick & Karen's house On the pad
Today we took delivery of the house. The sun was shining and we were smiling. The kids were allowed to stay home in the morning to see it and Rick took a couple of days off too. We are not allowed in it yet but the family is coming to celebrate tonight with a barbie.Photos from the time they arrived in the street, through the manoeuvering ,backing in, getting on the pad, hydrolics on, truck pulling from under it. positioning, Trev signing receipt of and truck driving away empty. Quite a good experience. It is not every day one has one's house arrive on a truck!!!! The builders, T & R Homes, did a great job and our grateful thanks to Andy Mollen for a job well done . Also Thanks to Rick and Karen, ofcourse. Finishing is yet to come and will still be a few weeks but it's HERE, at last.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Anna is 3, away from the Chookpen

A pleasant surprise yesterday, the house is coming a day early, Thursday instead of Friday. Today another beautiful day, 26.3 degrees (though only 6.5 Min.). Kristy & Colin decided to celebrate Anna's 3rd birthday at Pt Walter, a very attractive reserve on the Swan River. It was a lovely venue and while the weather is so beautiful, why not?There was a good representation of Sadlier, Nankiville, Morgan and Branch families and I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves. Bella is having her friends here tonight to celebrate (again) her birthday. They went to Sizzlers and are sleeping here. I gues there won't be a great deal of sleeping done!!!! LOTS OF FAMILY TO WATCH THE CAKE CEREMONY.
Anna Patricia,the Birthday girl
Caitlyn eating Birthday cake
The view from point Walter along and across the river is very pleasant.
The Swan River, a yacht and the Walters Cafe
Perth just peeking above the isthmus
Native Black Swan
The girls and boys finished with a kick of the football,surprisingly good kicks from the female side.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Final Inspection of the new Chookpen

Back View
Bathroom is small but shower is double size.
One corner of kitchen
On Tuesday we inspected the house and it is looking very nice. The photos don't really reflect how nice, as there was still a lot of tradesmen's gear all around but it was certainly a job well done.