Thursday, February 18, 2010

I do love this country and it's diversity makes it so interesting. Had not been to Mandurah for quite a while so really looked around a bit while dog/house sitting for the Morgans. It certainly brought back good memories of our home on the canals at Sth Yunderup . I just HAD to buy some charity tickets to see if I could win enough to buy that holiday home around there again. Unfortunately, not this week. Oh well, I keep trying. Real WA country, driving down Mundijong Road to the Freeway.
Mandurah is becoming more cosmopolitan,getting some high rise.
Port Mandurah view on morning walk, not far from Denise & Bruce's place. Sunrise at Port Mandurah, while Angel and I were walking our morning walk
Bridge at Port Mandurah canals
Mandurah Foreshore,towards old bridge
View of Ocean while having coffee at the DOME at Hall's Head
The beach at Halls Head looking towards Mandurah

Monday, February 08, 2010

Sarah is 7 and Celebrates with an AMAZING RACE.

This week............................................,, Perth from Mosman. We took neighbour Kay's parents, here from England, for a day's drive around the river. The last AMAZING RACE tasks, were to complete a puzzle at our place, find what country then find Australia.Confused? That's because you're too old to understand, the kids were fine with it.
It was a wet affair
They all jumped in the pool, she was the smallest, bar, cousin Ella.
A pussy cat cake was inevitable, for Sarah.
Zoe is a College girl also now, that's her , ready to CATCH THE BUS ! ,this morning.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Young Riders

I love to see the horses being used. These kids are only 10 but riding well. Off they go, schoolmates,ponyclub friends & two of them neighbours as well.
getting ready Bella,Rebecca and Briany got together to ride in Brianny's paddock, behind us today. Pixie started a bit frisky again and Bella needs to learn to be in control. Hope she does because they looked good together,