Sunday, July 23, 2006

Here are the Footy ones and the Five Rebels too

One more from my walk, the half way big tree(That is the 1/2 way point on the 5-6 km walk, not the longer one.In summer I sometimes walk up to there instead of doing the round trip because it is more shady. By the way, I hear the Hollanders are doing it hot, more like here ). Then ,2 of my five rebels , also Zoe & Caitlyn walking and Oma ( me with the hat & grey top)helping with training (Rick,not seen , was behind me catching the strays) while Riley takes a catch from Oma. In the background is the Primary school that Zoe and Riley go to.

It was a Busy Day

Sunday and we were up early for grandparents day at Riley's Football. Well Riley was well represented because all the Branch family was there. Uncle Rick and Oma helped with training and Uncle Travis helped play in the last 1/3 rd. We went back to Scott & jo's for fresh scones and cream and choc. cake with morning tea. Trev and I then went to Viv & Mick' to bring presents and we had lunch with them. Their house renovation is looking great. Then onto a car yard to look for a car, petrol is too expensive for us so we are looking for an economical smaller 2nd hand car. Back home, took some picks of cafe and then to finish my Library work. I also will upload my walk pics. I'm pleased with them. I have just noticed that some of the football ones did not save so will do them again later. From the top left we have the lake which reminds me of Laapersveld a bit with the big grass bit for Mac to run on, then 2 of my spoonbills,these were further north up the river,makes my walk about 2 Kms longer , but well worth it and the last, the frost on another doggy park along the river, north of Royal St Bridge.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Chinese Restaurant Treat

Vicki & Travis treated us to Chinese at Yangebup. it was a long time since we ate there and it is still really good. The little restaurant was full to the brim and takeaways were queing up. Caitlin has just started to stand on her own and performed her new feat nicely. When we came home, Mac was all over his dad, literally. There is also a photo of our little Mac seeking the sun in the corner of his own , 1 and 1/2 x 1/2 meter lawn. This morning took some photos on my walk again and did get the spoonbills . Will put them on another day as it would take too long on this so will do them on the Arcadia Waters site.

Now There are Two

The West Australian police force are very lucky to have two great young men in their midst. Yesterday Rick rang to say he got his promotion to sergeant and Scott, who is already a sergeant, is waiting to be offered a position as Senior Sergeant. (he is "acting "at the moment). We are very proud of our two sons and congratulate them both. Have had a few extra babysits with Zoe & Riley this week because of the holidays but Bella & Sarah were minded by their dad. They'l come on Monday as well because Bella has a pupil free day. Met up with my friends from East Waikiki (the Wacky Group) for coffee on Friday at the Dutch Windmill. That is always most enjoyable.I have to organise the next one . Will have to think of something unique and enjoyable.Suggestions are welcome but Cananda or U.S. or Holland or Xmas Island are no good, too far away. Somewhere in Fremantle area is most desirable or between Freo and our area I suppose.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Not Much happening

No great events happening basically,babysitting. The house was one that the daughter of Rick's neighbour had transported to a block on a farm near Harvey, a small town about 100 Km from here. The men helped the Electrical Contractor, Charlie ( a friend & client of Trev's ) do the connection, so that she could have it done for almost nothing. Scott, Jo & the kids went back to Kalgoorlie to see baby Anna and for a memory trip . Had some great photos of the superpit, which I could not save so I'll check with the kids why not and try again. Nice pic. of Jo and Zoe and Riley in front of the superpit though. Then we had our new Waterways Cafe open this week , it is now run by the residents and went quite well this week. Hope it continues to be a success as it would be great to have a cafe again. Their prices are really affordable and my Dutch appeltaart was a great success and the most popular, so they tell me anyway.Nice though. The girls all had "Nutrimetics" parties because Kelly has taken up a distributership to help her study income.The three of them can now also be home shoppers which means they will get their stuff cheaper. Nutrimetics is an Aussie cosmetic Co and it is a very nice product. We have had a little rain these past few weeks, some very cold days also, one night dipping to - 1 1/2 degrees!!!! and day temperatures as low as 12 and 13 degrees. But still, nowhere near the amount of rain we need. With Israel and the surrounding Arab States trying to blast each other off the earth again, we have once more world tensions and increased prices. Just what is wrong with people and Governments?? The majority of people don't want all these horrors to happen, either at home or further away and still they do. How can these minorities terrify the world so much? It seems so unbelievable.I guess it is no different from the people who kill innocent citizens and innocent children at home. Sick, sick.

Monday, July 03, 2006


This is James, at my '20 minutes to go 'spot. He is very old but dearly loved by his owner.Underneath, Burslem Bridge, across the Canning River with our village to the right in the background. A lovely rainbow over the white gums and above the morning sun on a stand of eucalypts Typically the Aussie river view, paperbark, a young palm and eucalypts. Firstly Royal St Bridge,I pass over then under, very old above but so solid underneath Whenever I get the opportunity I go walking early in the morning. I often think I should bring my camera because there are some very peaceful,interesting and for people who don't know Australia, typical sights.This morning, the kids were arriving a bit late so I walked and I actually remembered my camera . So.... what happened? It was still too dark for a lot of the photos. I left before 7 and the sun does not rise till well after. Such a pity because for the first time I saw TWO spoonbills with a white heron and another spoonbill on its own. I photographed them but they were too dark. Bet I won't see one of them next time I bring the camera and it is lighter!!!So I'll postwhta I hope will give some idea of why I just LOVE my morning walk.My pedometer says it is 6 km but I think it is a bit less because I take quite small steps.Here goes.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Anna Patricia

Anna Patricia, 7 weeks now , Came to Caitlyn's Birthday too. It was her first meeting with us. She is so cute. Today we also had another baby come into the Donnes side of the family, to Mat and Michelle a healthy 6 lb 12 ozs baby girl. I'm still waiting to have the name confirmed but it is great news and Congratulati to Matt and Michelle and Nanna ,Pop and the rest of the family.ons


She was not really feeling that well but still looked cute and got lots of cuddles. Unpacking all the lovely pressies with Pop

Looking at the lovely decorations. That icing is sticky Mum and I love my Butterfly cake.

Caitlyn was one on Friday and Vicki & Travis asked us to come & celebrate on Saturday. We had lots of friends & Family to say Hello to, lots of food and altogether a lovely day was had by all. Poor old Travis and even Caitlyn were not feeling too well as they are still affected with colds and side effects. However, the rest of us had a great day.