Wednesday, July 23, 2008

That was July

flooded river
Tompoezen & soezen
The Dutch contingent
Serenade for Nellie
Our swinging Cafe staff
Dutch boy Ina
Choir side on
The Dutch singers
Bokkenpootjes,stroopwafel,appeltaart & Amsterdammertje
Mick & Viv
Branch table at the birthday
Mick,the footy star(on cake)
It has been wet and windy and there is more to come.Our Canning River was actually flooded, only the 2nd time I have seen that in nearly 5 years. Does not make good weather for house sales and indeed, have not sold the place yet.
Last Friday was the worst day, weather wise and there was a lot of damage in other suburbs(including Mark's place, where Nanny & Geoff are staying, they lost one side fence) but there was no damage around here. We were all inside being entertained by the Dutch singers and eating Dutch foods. Our Holland day went very well and we have had many compliments. Because I was rushing around my photos are not the best but they are reasonable. With cooking all day on Thursday, I was pooped on Friday night and even had to go to the cardiologist at 5. pm.(Storms and all)
Saturday we shopped and we found out in the paper that our house was open that afternoon so had to do a very quick cleanup as well.
Sunday we celebrated B.I.L Mick's birthday with breakfast at Nicholson's, that was really great and then in the afternoon we went to the football and yes, we won, what a nice change. We won welll but they had a disgusting First quarter.
All the appropriate photos are above.
My medical results were good, the heart is not showing any signs of desease or scarring, which is great, just some minor electrical problems. I had a cancer cut out of my face and the stitches came out yesterday. Although it was a basal carcinoma, Dr Hassan is almost sure he got it all and the report seems to indicate that too. So, more good news.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A drive to York

York's main street
The Avon ValleyToday we went for a drive to York. We rarely do drives any more because it is too expensive. Was very nice and better than sitting at home on what was quite a miserable day. The funny thing was that we had to get out and stretch the legs a couplke of times, both ways. This IS getting old. It is no further than Mandurah where we used to drive to and from daily.
Then on Thursday Denise came home for good to join husband Bruce and daughter Kelly. Nice.
Kristy had her 30th birthday with a nice afternoon tea at Net & Gary's place , last Saturday.
I call this "the Swinging Girls", even though one of them is 30 years old.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Back with Kiah

A few weeks ago Caitlyn & I did Rockigham, a coastal town here ,where I used to work. It is only some 15 mins from Vicki & Trav's house.We bought chips and juice and coffee for Oma. It was a pleasant day between rainy days so we enjoyed it. This weekend I took Sarah & Bella to their dancing while Mum & Dad teamed up with Bruce to check the computers at the Travel Agency. I was even allowed to see Bella dance for 5 minutes so that was nice. More coffee and cake while waiting for each dancing lesson.I took the girls home and then on to Net & Gary's for a celebration of Kristy's 30th Birthday. That too was a nice occasion.This week should be reasonably quiet, though I may get some of the non- perishables for the Holland day at the village. We have a lot of people coming so we'll be flat out.House is open again on Wednesday but I'm leaving the final preparations to the old boy for a change because I am at Scott & Jo's minding the dog again ,while they have gone North to Kalbarri for a holiday.I'll have computer access again without being made to feel guilty!!!Well , it is only 9 weeks until our family holiday in Phuket and Bangkok.Looking forward to it. Caitlyn's fairy Princess Castle Cake
Caitlyn Liked the pram we bought for her
Investigating a sculpture on Rockingham foreshore
Pure delight on the swing

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Just Jottings

Well we have had Karen's & My birthdays,most enjoyable. The cupcakes non-birthday cake a lovely surprise. The site for this innovative and enjoyable business is Last weekend we celebrated Caitlyn's birthday and that was enjoyable too.We gave her a pram and she really seems to like it. It is always lovely to see the family and now that Bruce is here, an enjoyable extension. Denise is due home next week.It is to be hoped that it all goes as they wish. We have had a few "lookers" at our house but the most promising seems to be a couple from Parks in NSW who appear to have sold but not settled their house. I really dislike this very much, one is in such a limbo.In the meantime the unit we are building has increased by 10%!!We could not go ahead because we need the money first. I suppose the best news this week was that a friend in the village, diagnosed with in-operable braintumor, was operated on after all and the operation was pronounced a success. Everyone is thrilled for her (Betty) and her husband Jack and we hope for a good recovery. I'm still to have another stress test before they decide what to exactly do re. my heart but my own doctors, Natalie and Dr Hassan seem to be pretty re assuring that it is not overly dangerous and Natalie has already changed some of my medication. Dr Hassan is removing a skin cancer next week so that will be cleared up too. It seems my vitamin D levels are VERY low and I have to supplement them and get more dairy food into me as well as sun. Don't want dementia , do we? But then ,exposure to the sun is no good for skin cancers either and the dairy foods help to fatten me up, so it is just a viscious circle!!!Worst is that I'm no longer allowed the anti-inflamatories and my back is killing me , even with some slow release panadol.The old boy has had his needles now and seems to be improving. Just wish I could get him doing a bit of excercise sometimes. Busy times ahead, test tomorrow, Saturday take Bella & Sarah to dancing and then on to an afternoon tea for Kristy's 30th at Net's. Next week just a few things, Denise arriving back,mind Bella & Sarah Friday, house open Wednesday and mind Kiah all week. Ofcourse I will also have 'Caitlyn" day every Thursday.The following week will be flat out with various things, my face thing and the Dutch day preparations with the day itself on Friday the 18th. About 40 for lunch so far and many more for morning tea. NO PHOTOS TODAY. Left my flashdrive at Scott's.( I hope, unless I am demented again!!!!!)