Friday, October 26, 2007


This is the latest of the Barkla family, taken last week.Nice eh?
Tried to upload some Vietnam clipart but once again the blogger failed me. You'll all just have to wait for the real pictures.

WELL, AT LEAST WE ARE ON SUNDAY EVENING, AS WE LEAVE HERE AT 2.05 MONDAY MORNING. Scott is going to take us to the airport, save booking a taxi and hoping they come in time. They are quite expensive as well, so thank you Scott.

For once we are packed. Usually we pack on the day but because we had put away most of our stuff for a while, we needed to check in case we had to buy anything before Sunday.

Really looking forward to this too, it is always great to see something you have not seen before. Karen & Rick bought Trev a tour of Hanoi for his Birthday and we do that on the first day so a good orientation. We return on the 7th of November.

Booked a Tupperware party at Vicki's last week, it is on the 13th,at 7 pm. Have not done anything like that for years. Any of you want to attend, leave a message, you're welcome.I did it to help out Vicki and her friend Renee. Asked my neighbours so hope at least a few turn up.There is some really great stuff now though it is expensive. It does last . I must admit.

OK Vietnam, here we come.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The kids

Front of calendar

Caitlyn Sarah

February I think
back of calendar

Riley & Caitlyn



Zoe is nearly 10,on Nov 21st,Bella is 8,Riley 7 ,Sarah 5 and Caitlyn 2. here they all are, dressed as Island kids for Geoff & Johari's Birthdays. An extra of Riley & Caitlyn, she was telling Riley that she loved him . Also a few pics pinched from our Arcadia Waters Calendar,Caitlyn & me at the cafe, outside with Ina & others and the back of the calendar has the mosaic, which I organised, on it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Some Good Times

Time with the family is always a good time for me and we have certainly had our share in the past few weeks. It is one thing the old boy does not gripe about so doubly enjoyable. We started with an absolutely wonderful dinner at the Roxby (or Roxby's ? ) at Willeton. It is a Thai Restaurant but also serves european dishes so there is something to please everyone. Trev, Travis and the kids had things like steak and Parmegana while Karen, Jo, Scott, Vicki and myself shared Thai food. The 5 dishes each had their distinctive taste and it was an epicurian delight. Slightly more expensive than our normal treats but not TOO expensive. That was Friday the 5th, to celebrate Scott's 40th B'day. On the 6th we went all the way into the Swan Valley for a sausage sizzle and 7o's party to celebrate Ryan's 30th.Kelly and he have a nice Granny flat next to Ryan's parents house. Everyone dressed appropriately and it was amazing what they came up with. My favourites were Rick and family. He was the Bagwan (from the orange people)and she had striped velvet pants and shirt with scarves in the girl's hair they made a good 70's family. There were some good wigs and suits and Ryan looked good.On the Sunday Viv & Mick visited , still for Trev's birthday and their company is always nice too.Had just made some mulberry pies and slices as I found just the biggest Mulberry tree on one of my walking treks. It brough back some memories as Nanny & Pop Branch had a mulberry tree from which fruit I always made mulberry pies. I still see the boys as youngsters, absolutely covered in mulberry juice because they also used the fruit to bombard each other. Johnny Howard finally announced the election for November 24th. We went to Kristy's for the Xmas draw and on Saturday we had a nice Island Party at Nanny & Geoff's to celebrate Geoff's and Johari's Birthdays. Food was lovely thanks Nanny. The following day we had the Birthday bash at the village, Rick & family and Nanny & Geoff came for that. The coffee machine blew up which caused a big backlog but the girls managed very well. I worked on the craft stall because I worked in the cafe on Saturday. The stall went well but we had far too much stuff. Had 2 of the kids at their place yesterday and I took them for a long walk and then they had a swim as Zoe's friend came back with her after Zoe played there. Today bought some jeans for Trev for our trip at the Belmont shopping Centre and went to pick up my lotto syndicate winning. Wish I'd been there when they sold the first prize that day but I got a whole $1.70!!!!! Now we have just less than 2 weeks before our trip, it can't come soon enough. They've just released the Arcadia calender, gosh it is just great and I'm even in it and so is Caitlyn. Really would like to buy some more, if the boy lets me.Have taken some photos of the grandies to show they are growing up, will publish later. That's it , better get on home.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


As promised,the other CATS photo and thought I'd throw one in from 'OI', Rick & Karen's puppy who is nearly too big for the chair. Photo by courtesy of Karen's Blog.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Nanny just emailed me asking where the photos were that I had taken at the CATS "s visit. Stupid woman, I forgot ofcourse. It is something called short term memory and a lot of other 68 year olds (and I believe even younger ones and certainly older ones) seem to suffer with the same problem. Here they are, only 2 were really good.
ust say once more ,we really enjoyed your visit.

For those who know Kathy , who was unable to attend, she is not well at all and not really improving. I'll try to keep you updated.

So sorry again, won't let me upload the other one and I'll try again tomorrow.

Monday, October 08, 2007

The Photos ,I hope

view from the verandah

View from our Sebel Hotel apartment The lounge/kitchen

Rick , Karen and girls arriving from Bali

Mother duck with her 5 babies. She was back on the weekend and the babies are nearly as big as Mum

Friday, October 05, 2007

Visit from the CATS

Trev and I had our 2 nights at the Sebel in Perth and boy, was it nice. All the staff knew about the circumstances that sent us there and they could not do enough for us. We had an absolutely beautiful apartment overlooking the little harbour. lots of restaurants nearby and it was just great. We visited the Egyptian exhibition from the Louvre, went to the casino and to the outlet shops at Harbourtown. It was most enjoyable. Today we had a group of some 27 ladies from our old Aqua Group visit for morning tea and some stayed for lunch. It was just great to see all the old friends again. It was a great pity that Kathy Fulton , who also lives in the village, could not be there alongside Ina and myself because she is in hospital with her leukemia problem, has a lot of infections. Most of these ladies said they would do it again with Kathy when she is better, perhaps early next year. Tonight we're off to tea with just the family for Scoitt's birthday and tomorrow we celebrate Ryan's 30th at his and Kelly's place. should be enjoyable also. More to come, Nanny & Geoff's 70th and Johari's 21st, next week as well as the village birthday bash. Ok Trouble with downloading photos. I'll try again another day.