Sunday, February 17, 2008

Forty Years a couple

Vrythof, Maastricht & Andre Rieu.

Andre Rieu is coming here on Nov 22nd, it was announced last Thursday. I have Vicki on alert to try & get tickets on the internet. Keep looking , Vicki. We really hope she can get them.I've told her to get more as I'm sure people in the village want tickets also.

Then there is Mac. Last week he was throwing us those irresistable googgly eye looks and so I got the camera to try and capture that. I took lots of pics but no google eyes!!!!!! Still ,he's very handsome .
Trev has come for short walks this week ,which is good for him but not for Mac and me because we need our long walks. I don't want to discourage him so will see what happens. Mac is not quite sure about it all and keeps wanting to protect him by walking near Trev and waiting for him when he gets behind us.

Finally, Them & Us, Trev, me , Viv and Mick.

Trev and myself giving our Presentation for Viv & Mick's 40th anniversary.

Three of ours

Pretty Michelle Donnes (wife of Matthew and mother of Ella)

B in L Mick and Trev's sister Viv with the Donnes and Branch kids.

The girls having a good time.

Net (my sister) & B in L Gary , with Vicki and Travis.

Another M & M, Matthew and Mick

All the Donnesses and Branches(minus most kids)

Last night we all went to the Burswood ( hotel , not Casino) where the Donnes family had hired a private Function room at Alure. We were served finger foods, which were of a pleasantly high standard, and had an open bar. The standards at the Casino complex certainly have gone down just recently. We took notes a few weeks ago and were going to write and complain, but as often we forget, did not. Parking was alittle difficult but we did find a spot at the rear of the complex and as Rick & Karen picked us up, it was even easier for us.

there were some 50 people and Gorden Maher,ex Apexian friend and Trevor and I did a presentation. We related their trials and tribulations in verse and prose and gave them certificates and photos and gifts. It seemed to go over quite well. A very pleasant time was had by all, at least , we think so.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Goong Xi Fa Chai

Nanny, you have not answred the card I sent , enquiring about your Dr's visit ! Having my tests on Wednesday. How's this for an acronym?? M & M with Mother Viv. (aka Michelle & Matthew)
Madeleine & Ella dancing

The two J's; Jo & Jacquie(with Olivia)

Group of Branches and a

friend with Madeleine

Zoe & Anna dancing

Cop the curls

What a dancer

Ella Donnes dancing Even the dogs had balloons

On Saturday we all went to Byford to Sarah's Birthday party. When you live so far away, the people can't drop off the kids and go,though they were all invited family and friends. There were some 20 adults and I think the same number of kids there;ages from almost 2 to 14 years. They were all fed well and I know we enjoyed it as it is always lovely to get together. Poor Andrea was not there, she had had a gall bladder op. but Jacquie and Frank brought Andrea & Steve's 4 girls, not bad with 6 kids altogether. Good thing they have a large house. The kids had a disco and the lounge was all set up for that but they did not dance a lot. Popular, as always was the birthday pineata which was a disco ball. The cake , created by Karen, was a Bratz doll sitting on a couch.Was a lovely day, not like today, it was 37.2 degrees again.

Happy Chinese New year. It seems to have different forms of spelling, maybe it is the different forms of Chinese. We had the Chinese Lion dancers at the village again, it was very hot but that did not seem to deter the dancers, it was very good. The chef cooked Chinese food after it. We did not go, which is no surprise because the old boy won't go to anything here but also I prefer my Chinese food from Chinese Restaurants. We had DIM Sum again in Melville on Thursday anyway so that was my dose of Chinese for a few weeks.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Yes, it Rained and Rained

Happy Birthday to cousin Henk Wasman and next week we go and celebrate the 40th wedding Anniversary of Trev's sister, Vivienne and husband Michael, at the Burswood. Happy Anniversary to you both.
temperature is going up again already but at least we have had a spell. It is said to go to 37 and 38 again later in the week. Been to Dr again, my ears were needing syringing and had that done. Vicki will be pleased because she had to write notes to me last Friday,I could not hear a thing. I have to have a few routine tests again . That's OK.
Also some skin treatment. Mine at least not as bad as poor old Vicki. She has an even more sensitive skin and has to have a nasty exfoliating type treatment which will bring out and hopefully treat all the little skincancers she has on her face. Not nice for a young woman but neccessary, so one does it. I told her to put a badge on with a note, "I am having treatment for skincancers." She is very good with keeping out of the sun but the specialist and the Doctor said she simply does not have a chance with her skin. Caitlyn has a sensitive skin as well but let's hope she does not have the problems when she grows up.

I also have made photos of the embroideries I did for Zoe and Riley. Zoe's is the " I LOVE HUGS" one ( A favourite of mine) and the alphabet is Riley's. It is an Australian themed alphabet with koalas,jabaroos ,lizards, magpies and quokkas etc. Watch this space for Bella and Sarah's embroideries.

Then ,while looking for these on my memory stick I found the photo of the flowers on my Lucky Plant. Had never had one flower previously and the scent was so strong that it overpowered the beautiful scent of the Elephant ear flowers -and that is strong!

Well we had rain yesterday, some 50 cms of it and it means we have surpassed our February average already. It was gorgeous, especially as it had been 50 days since we had had any rain at all. I actually went outside and took a pic of the rain in our street and on our pond.