Sunday, April 27, 2008

Here are some pictures

Lillies on our pond

I went to visit friend Mattie on Friday and organised for her and the Dutch singers to come on July 18th. Hope they can make it to our Dutch Day. Was good to chat to Matty. Son Bruce was there also and said to say Hello to my boys, so Hello.

Trev still not too well, his eye is closed and that and the rash is quite sore and he is still not having regular sleep.Hope he picks up next week.

Mattie, friend and choir conductor

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just updating

Caitlyn is hiding behind a pile of books. She is "reading" her mum & dad's books and I guess Oma will have to help put them back though I must admit she is very good at putting things back.We might go to see Net as she wanted a CD for the surgery and maybe we'll visit the shops at Success. We have had a lot of rain over 125 mms and more expected. Good eh? We are now playing where is Caitlyn?, while typing this. Tomorrow is Anzac day, not going to the celebration, Trev did not want to go as it is always the same and we had footy for a night game anyway. Now we can't even go to the footy (Rick & karen will go instead) because Trev has suddenly developed shingles on his face,right eye is affected by same virus and the swelling and rash is above his right eye. He,ll be sore for a while. Trouble is he can't have his cortisone needle in his shoulder to treat his bursitus now which does not help because he is not sleeping because of that. It's not fun getting old. Well with me having to see a cardiologist because they think the electrics are not working too well, we certainly are a mess. I really am upset about that lot because I was told twice, by different doctors. that I had a strong heart so this is unexpected and certainly unwanted. I am too busy for that sort of thing anyway! Hope the results are better than expected, though I won't know until after May 23rd ,( one would not want to be in a real hurry to see these specialists!!!) Karen has had a bad dose of the flu and has had time off work. Actually, I asked Trev's doctor if the boy has had the flue and pneumonia injections, because Trev always tells such lies. It appears he has had them.Unbelievable! Last Friday we had some of the old schoolfriends over for coffee at the cafe. Unfortunately one got sick and another must be away as I could not get her but it was nice to have Jean, Eddy and Frances visit. Am going to see dutch friend Matty tomorrow. She conducts the Dutch choir and if I can get them at no cost I will ask them to the village and we'll have a dutch day in the cafe, serving dutch food.Anyway,that's the plan. Then we have the girls from swimming coming for lunch at the cafe again on June the 6th, I will have to make rissoles or something to help with the lunch menu so as to make it easier for the cafe girls. Am minding Caitlyn & the dogs for 5 days starting at the end of the week next week as Vicki is being taken to Melbourne for her birthday. They leave on May 2nd. Have no photos to add and tried downloading one from clips, without success, so ithis blog will have to go bare.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

What a difference the rain makes.

Birthday Wishes this month go to Nikita on the 8th,Goos on the 14th, Rene the 19th, Edwin the 24th. Happy Birthday all. At home we are celebrating Rick's 38th Birthday on the 17th of April. Happy Birthday son.
Our morning walk was most delightful. We had at least 50 mms of rain yesterday and the river is actually flowing, the lakes are once again filled and the bush smells just gorgeous. We even had a few drops while we walked and Mac does not like that but I persisted and thoroughly enjoyed that walk.

Another delight was that our team came up trumps yeterday. They played the other local team, the Eagles (we call that a Derby) and they won by 13 or 14 points. Well done the Dockers, hope that urges them on to better things. Sympathy to Gary and Geoff!!!Last night we had a "Country Music " show at the village and we went. The duo that played were very good singers, did not entertain so much but the music was excellent so we entertained ourselves. Trevor even danced a couple of times so he must have enjoyed it. We had to go home at 9 p.m ofcourse but then beggars can't be choosers so I went too. I had my first full night's sleep for years, last night , maybe it was the wine, maybe the dancing????
Thought a few photos of some of the other Arcadia Waters residents might be a nice change from seeing the Branch gobs all the time.Ina and Frank
Mike and Marina
Don,Shirley and Val.

I wish but can't change the image of the two old fogies so here we are at the Country music night.