Tuesday, August 22, 2006


We went for a walk yesterday,quite a long one and during that,Rick emailed me from Bali re a rash that Bella had contracted.Ofcourse as I can't see very well with a huge cataract on my eye,I stopped to try to let them know I would SMS properly when I got back to Vicki's. It appears, at that time, while I was not looking Caitlyn chucked her gorgeous pink cloche hat out. I did not discover it till we got home, unfortunately. So she was put down for her nap, slept 2 and 1/2 hours and had her lunch I decided to see if I could find her hat so re-traced our footsteps. Wonders never cease, I found it, clumped under a small shrub, across the road from where we had been walking. That is why she is on show wearing THAT hat. Today we had to take some clean clothes to Riley at school because he had spilled his yoghurt all over the others. So we went to see Pop and came back to school because Riley's class was doing assembly.The Assembly item was great and so was our little Missy. She entertained the kids, teachers and parents alike with her antics and had everyone in fits when she cheered after the National Anthem.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mac & Waterways cafe

Well , just take a look at our boy, can't help but love him. Then we have Lorraine in her cafe uniform. She is also one of my Mah-jong mates on Wednesday nights.Also overview of our Waterways cafe.They have now prettied it up with tablecloths and vases of our Lavender.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Car and Casino

Well we had a lovely day at the Casino today. I started winning but after going back after lunch,(had Chinese for lunch and they were very generous servings) we both,"done our dough". but it was a nice day anyway.People all around me were winning but we had the typical Branch luck. Net came too and did not do well either. We have also decided that we would keep our car because they would give us so little for it that the extra we have to pay does not justify the extra petrol.So we spent some money fixing what the mechanic thought we ought to fix and he says we now have a good car. Ellie, if you are checking this site, we have not heard from you!!!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Diary jottings

Well the holiday is nearly over. It was nice to be able to go to craft and do the extra long walks and do some work in the Library.There is still more books to accession but that is an ongoing thing. We had a day at Carousel shopping Centre with Vicki & Caitlyn and I also caught up with a few bits of sewing & doing things like cleaning the oven( Ugggh). Our new cafe ,"Waterways", run by residents is going very well financially. Myself ,along with a group of residents cooked cakes or biscuits each week but now we are going on a roster. Yet others work in the cafe to help out those who were trained to use the coffee machine. Tomorrow we have a treat with a Casino trip and since I am free ,we are going.It is good value because for $A 10.00 we get bus transport to & From the Casino, lunch, $2.00 coins for the pokies and a turn at the chocolate wheel. the meal alone is worth it.Ofcourse, they expect and hope you will spend more of your own but that is one's own choice.We had a lovely Christmas in July at the end of last month and quite a few events are planned such as a Kareoki night, quiz night and another bus tour. The old boy won't go to any of those so I stay home too.He did go to Xmas in July and really enjoyed it. Just had my hair cut at the new hairdresser. She has been in the village for a few weeks now and it cost me $ 15.00 , which was still less than where I used to go, so that's good and she seems quite skilled. Kids all came over for tea last night, silverside, cabbage, carrots ,potatoes and white sauce with a caramel,apple tart for sweets. We had a nice night.