Friday, July 31, 2009

The New Chookpen is nearly finished.

That's my chooks and Rick & Karen's Goose,(Hansel), as seen from my bedroom window. We get from 2 to 3 eggs a day.
I know there has been nothing said on my blog for almost a fortnight but I have been busy with the house and busy with the girls ,whilst Rick & Karen were in Bali. (Only to get Bali Belly).
Only a woman would understand that it can be a bit like hard work to be mistress of TWO houses at the same time, one with a husband and dog and the other with 2 kids ,a dog, a cat ,a goose, Chooks and a horse.Especially when one of those houses constantly has tradesmen working and wanting a cuppa as well as more things to be unpacked and found a place. Then there were several purchases to be made to replace the large funiture we had and some that were damaged in storage. So new chairs, little miniature dining table & 2 chairs, new wall cupboard, tiny coffee table, desk, printer and various other bits & pieces. Vicki has put some of our things on E Bay, she is a wizard at that and they are all being watched by a good number of people so we hope for success on Sunday.We have to get rid of a lot of the things we used to display also. A pity because a lot of them are antique and one never gets their worth.
Anyway, we now have a patio and paving all around the house and fencing is coming next week. The drives have all been re- done and we are hoping Rick will let us get remote controlled gates. When I have finished the inside, I'll take some photos to share on this blog.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Liitle memory trip from the Chookpen to Holland

The back of the Palace,Soestdijk.
Ach, it IS nice to be in our own home. We are still unpacking and sorting and disposing. Bought a few new furnishings as we really had to downsize some of it. You could only fit 2 laptops on my dining table now, a change from the one that used to fit 8 big people! But, that's OK , we are still able to keep some prescious things. It is starting to look nice and is quite comfortable for the two of us and Mac.It will be even better when the paving and decking and patio are completed. We have been so busy we even forgot to go the the football, at least Trev did, because I thought it was on tomorrow. have had to do a lot of washing since I used most of my linen and towels as wrapping. Not so good because we have had quite a lot of rain and have had to use the caravan annexe as a drying place.
Cousin Cees, who did such a great job organising the Kelder family get together again, published some photos from the event, so I'm sure he does not mind if I add some to my blog.
Most of us at coffee/lunch at "the Generaal"which used to be a railway station to serve the palace.
Cees , Trev & Ben
Me leading the crew
Cousins in a row,Cees,Wil,Alie,Joke,Ben
trev & Ger in the Palace Gardens
Theo walked the garden and was pooped,(with Cees & Hans)

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Last of Travels away from the Chookpen

After over 6 weeks to Holland and France and the Danube cruise, we are on the way back home. Our holiday has been delightful and that thanks to all those who drove us, organised us and entertained us.Sad to go but good to go home.The Malaysian Airway service was top class, once again and very comfortable. We stopped in KL for 6 days,really should have made it a little less because one really wants to get home. Did enjoy it. 99RM to get taxi to Genting Highlands was well worth it (Same back). Lovely scenery, lost a little money at the casino and walked over to First World Hotel and Indoor Theme Park. Was a delight. Did little shopping but did like the old haunts at Bukit Bintang,Times Square, Suncity,Surai , etc.Did China Town's Petaling Street for the watches and odds & ends ofcourse. Stayed once again at the Dorsett Regency and were a little disappointed tha nothing has been upgraded since our first time there,8 or 10 years ago , and tha toilet was not flushing properly,(despite service). Had a nice few days there and were rested for our delightful welcome home. To say last goodbye to Clara (photos thanks to Clara.
And we're off
Outdoor Fun Park
First World Hotel, Genting Highlands,where the indoor Theme Park seems much nicer than the outdoor one. Well worth the drive from KL.(just an hour and lovely scenery)
Trev having the fish pedicure
The Gondoliers were on strike
The Indoor Fun Park is just a myriad of sight and sound and stalls and food places as well as designer shops.
Some more floating people carriers
A night view ,Jalan Bukit Bintang
The Egyptian Icons at Sunway
Sunway's Adventure world
One of interesting Alleys at bottom of Sunway/ Pyramid shopping Centre
The Lovely fountain at entrance of the new Pavillion,award winning shopping centre.(Near Hotel)
KL City Centre,from Surai Shopping Centre,twin Towers

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Home to the New Chookpen

This is a very IMPORTANT blog entry.Yes we are home again after a wonderful, wonderful holiday and more about that in the next few days. This entry however is just to say THANK YOU,Thank you and Thank you to some wonderful people.
To Goos and Ger in Holland and their children and in-law children. They took us abolutely everywhere. We only had to show interest, and we were there in the next few days.They treated us to a week in France and welcomed us into their home . Two very special people.
Then there were a big bunch of people at home, working their hearts and bodies to the limit so that we could come home to our own house,use our own shower,sleep in our own bed and cook on our own stove. Those were our wonderful children and partners and the little ones probably helped also Scott & Jo,Rick & Karen and Vicki and Travis. Also included were my lovely sister Annette and husband Gary. They had a busy bee to unpack most things ,install what had to be installed ( even a nuisance wardrobe (sorry Gary) ,washed and cleaned ,bought what needed replacing,including some basics and new mattress & linen and left enough food to start us off for the first week.Nephew Matthew did a great job with levelling and building walls. Thanks Matt.
Our arrival at the airport was so beautiful, all the grandies running towards us,screaming and everyone else there to greet us . Tea for everyone was put on and Trev's sister Viv, B-i-L Mick and their grandies joined us too.
I may not show a great deal of emotion but boy, I feel it and we both THANK everyone from the bottom of our hearts. I think all of the above will agree that Rick deserves a special mention for all the jobs he organised and all the work he did, he even had our cars serviced. Yes , we really think you've done a great job.
Even our chickens knew we were coming home, they started to lay a few days before and we get 2 eggs regularly.Well..........

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Last entry from the Chookpen in Holland

Last few days have been nice with some nice visits and trips. Off to Kl in two more days before going home. Neils & Denise Antwerp buildings
The cathedral cafe which is now too expensive to eat in!!
Church entry
farms.mills and shops at open Air Museum
Bedstead at open air museum
Chantal & Edwin's house
Hyung & saskia's house
A nice day with the Kelder family