Sunday, August 17, 2008


Bad quality but get the picture!!!
House is sold and I'm packing. Settlement is 30th September but we have to get out a week before so they can refurbish. As we are going to Thailand for two weeks , from 6 till 22 SEptember, we have to get most of the stuff out before we go. No problem, I can do that. The period in between, while our transportable is being built is the most awkward. Wish I could just fly away for six months or so. What to keep, what to sell, what to keep out. All too hard.
A few phone photos added of sooky wooky Mac, Caitlyn on the toys at Bertram, ducks in our pond as the first sight of spring.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

August and Albany

It is still in the thick of winter although the rains have lessened ,it is still bitterly cold.
As we were feeling a bit stressed with the house sale, we decided a few days in Albany would be appropriate. Scott & Jo & the kids looked after Mac and they and Vicki & Trav arranged their own babysitting for a couple of days. We mostly had good weather and the break was good for us. The first day there we headed for the Sandalwood fFactory and I really wish I could afford more of their stuff, but it was lovely. It is an Hour and 1/4 drive to the Lily but we decided on that for morning tea. After all where else but here do you find Dutch windmills? So disappointed because they don't do morning or afternoon teas or lunch any more except for their own guests. We had coffee at the bottom of Bluff Knoll instead.
The Lily
Not a great deal of change in Albany, one new shopping centre, the most beautiful hotel pulled down and a few new holiday resorts and houses. The country is still so gorgeous though, that it does not matter that progress has been slow. We went to the old whaling station, on the recommendation of grandchild , Zoe, and that is well done now. Rather unique is the fact that the huge oil tanks are now theaters and photo diplays,very impressive and the coffee was nice too. We came there via Albany Highway and called in to Many Waters at Arthur River and saw old friend Jean Morrell and sons Neil and Peter. That was nice.
On the way back we went via South West Highway, Denmark. Walpole and North through the forest and apple country. Just beautiful countryside. Always makes one wish one could live there but not possible with family in the city. Our house was open again on Saturday and it appears the people in NSW still want to buy our place and as they have had an offer, have offered for ours. But, let's hope that is it, we'll believe it when they have signed the lease of life contract.
Photos follow in the next blog entry.

August, Winter and Albany

Sheep and Canola in the SW fields. Arthur River, really looks like a river now.
Fields of Canola on SW Highway
It really shits me,this getting old . We had to stop & stretch the legs far too frequently.
Not bad for $ 80.00 a night,All seasons ,Albany,but already messed up with Trev's pillows.
Trev Looking over inlet from bottom of Mt Clarence
The old whaler,(from the top of a whale oil tank)
Unfortunate biker at Toffee
Factory ,Denmark
In the SW forest
Magic ,heading north to Manjimup
Caitlyn Beaded
We made the front page.