Monday, April 24, 2006


How's that for a slim version of me ?Some of you have probably never seen me that slim and most of you, including me , have forgotten. Mind you ,it was 1960!!!Vicki found it on an Old Fairbridgeans site. She went there for a drive yesterday but did not go in as there was a Country Music Festival on. I actually have that photo as well.We must try & arrange a Family Picnic there one day. I taught there in 1959 and 1960.It was very hard but we had a young staff and lived on the farm during the week. I taught years 1-4 plus all girls for sewing and sport.Staff included the Home Science & Tech staff from Pinjarra High school and we all gave each other a great deal of support.We were all in relationships outside so we were able to be great friends .We had a wonderful couple of years and it was certainly a learning situation.I am still in touch with Maureen (Marilla) but often do wonder where the others are now. The kids really touched our hearts and Maureen and I often took some home for holidays, to have them in a family situation.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Congratulations Karen

Karen has just landed herself her dreamjob , a sales position in a Scrapbooking Shop. Hope it leads to bigger & better things ,Karen and congratulations. Yes, Oma is babysitting but we hope the days are the same as Caitlyn's days.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Wishing All Our Friends and Family a really Great Easter. If you are on holidays, you are having a great time and wish it was me. Limburg sounds pretty good but it will probably be a bit cold yet, it is 30 degrees here and I suppose paradise could not be much better.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just Nothing

There has not been a great deal of excitement going on lately,hence no entries. I must actually say I was very remiss not to mention the lovely wedding we went to.Friend Sheila's son, Rod, married Sarah Pugh on March the 25th . The wedding was at Christ Church in Clareont.Rick and Karen married there also,maybe about 10 years ago. It was very pretty. Then we all repaired to Gloria & Clemm's house for afternoon tea and went on to Fraser's , in King's Park for a very sumptious wedding breakfast.The food was delish, which was certainly an improvement on the last time we ate there (deep in the dark ages). There was dancing to recorded music afterwards(at least for those whose husbands do get up & dance !) We left a little early and so did the others with us. We ,mostly because poor old Mac had never been at home alone for such a very long time. However, if Sheila sees this, thanks Sheila, it was lovely. Here is an update of Zoe and Riley. they have been doing "edu dance" at school. We went to their presentation and it was really good. Well done kids.