Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Butterfly Kisses

Vicki thought of calling her E-Bay busines that and I thought it was great. Instead she went for Frangipanni Flair. She has just sold our lounge and our gas heater for us. The lounge, originally expensive , went for cheap but at least we did not have to get rid of it ourselves. The gas heater sold for $310.00 and the guy asked to pick it up right away, that was last night at 8. 30 pm. Fine with us!!!! I'll have to look around for more things to sell. It does not cost a great deal to list on e-Bay and Vicki does such a great job we are willing to pay more if we had to but she won't let us ofcourse.

Anyway, Nick just sent me a little note and it was accompanied by this lovely butterfly, hope it flutters on the website.

Busy week going out to dinners and lunches this week.

Happy Birthday Karen for yesterday and we'll see you tonight.

Ok, I guess I can wish myself a Happy Birthday too. Every Birthday is Happy because I'm still here!!!!!!

Thanks for the cards and Good Wishes,all of you.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Grandparents day at footy

Went to Riley's Football as it was Grandparents Day. He 's still a great little Footballer and the Dockers should come and watch him, because they lost again , in Darwin, yesterday.Riley was one of the two recipients of a certificate today , which was very nice. Then went to see Net & Gary's 2 new babies, so cute, Bonny and Clyde. Two little cats.Tried to upload their picture but it needs to be in JPEG and was not, so could not do so. Maybe you can send an ordinary photo Net???

Karen has a beautiful new banner again of her girls and here it is. Sarah has started dancing so she and Zoe will be able to practise and give shows when they get together. Would still prefer to see them do ballroom, has much more use and more prospects . At least , that's what I think.

Beautiful days here for at least a week with sunshine every day , temps around 18-20 oC.

If any of you other family or friends have a photo you would like on my blog, please email them to me, I would love to put them on. Travellers especially welcome.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


It's a while since I've blogged. Not for lack of news, Just too many things going on and some not so pleasant . The more pleasant ones were the many brithdays we have in this family around this time. The May birthdays over and here are some of my grandies at Anna's 1st birthday with the variety of animals they had there from the kid's farm.

We now enter the June bunch, Karen, myself and Caitlyn.We will celebrate Karen's and mine at a restaurant in the neighbourhood here.Caitlyn is having an afternoon tea party on July 1st for her 2nd birthday because I think footy is on the 30th.

Nanny & Geoff have shifted to WA for 6 months but are off gallavanting to Europe and the USA already, lucky ducks.Net & Gary have just returned from a holiday up north, very relaxing I believe.Wonder if Gary can now build me the shelves for my Libray????.Scott, Jo & the kids going there in the school holidays. We thought of a few days away but like I said to Trev, better to save up for a more distant holiday later, even if it is much later because even here it costs quite a bit for 3 or 4 days away. Rick & Karen have booked for Bali I think, in September.

We have had a drama here. The Manager has never liked my being on the Residents Committee because I am not afraid to stand up for our rights and question everything. They have often had periods when they did not talk to me because of something I've said.The last time they attacked me over a letter I had sent to the Administration, as Secretary and by the wish of the Residents Committee. They had not sent us a quarterly financial statement. The Administration Manager rang me up and said she had sent it in April. It was never put on the noticeboard. Management said it was and someone removed it (There were -10- copies!!!!!!!)Ofcourse they had to blame me so went beserk. Then attacked me over a comment I made quite freely about the caretaker being here very often and who was paying him??? More being hauled over the coals. He had called our Committee a "Secret Little Squirrel Society" and refused to apologise for that so I was a bit upset with them.

He had not come to the last meeting because he had read a statement at the previous one about not feeling welcome. He actually has NO right to be there and is there only by invitation but constantly interrupts the meeting.

Well, next meeting, he comes, we meet and he wants things taken out of the minutes. Others agree reluctantly but I dissent. He then spends all the meeting making innuendos and straight out attacks on me. Meeting closes, he starts making statements as to what he wants us to do and not to do, I walk out. 10 mins later, the VP, Chairman walks out while the others continue to listen to his rantings. We both resign and I was very sorry doing that to the Residents because they had chosen us.

I get phonecalls and people ringing and meeting me saying how sorry they are and how he has often abused them.The Administration sets up a meeting off site, but tells him just before the meeting. There were 12 residents, All bar one talked against his people skills though all admit (and I was even the first to have it minuted last year ),that he has done a lot for the Village but has a terrible personality problem.

Rod, the VP and I could not be persuaded to go back so the left overs on the Committee are carrying on. He and his wife now put down their heads or stare me out when I get into the club and he continues to sound people out about who knows what about what!!!! We've decided the man is probably sick and is a control freak.A pity, has made the place quite awkward but I just continue with my library, cooking cakes playing Mah-jong and going to the things I want to do. I'm quite happy with that, have a little bit more time. They want me to work in the Cafe, don't want to but will I suppose.

Here's our back patio and some roses we have in the front,I picked a lovely bunch. Quality of pic. not so good, took it with my mobile,sent it to Vicki and she emailed it back to me.How's that for using new technology eh?