Saturday, June 21, 2008

Birthdays and shifting

The "Baby" I'm looking after. KIAH!
Well it seems that not many people read this blog because I have had no reaction from anybody about our shifting to Rick and Karen's. I guess all the important people know. The family , ofcourse and the people at the village. The reaction from the village has been very nice in that they don't want us to go , which is a bit surprising . One or two even shed a tear, including my kitchen hand . I've asked her to take on the cook's job. I'm told that rumour has it we are leaving because of the Manager that is not true, it is simply because of Trevor. The Manager's antics have not helped to settle Trevor but it is not our consideration for this move.
We had a lovely Birthday, Karen and I. We got a few bits and pieces together for the family on Friday and I had morning tea with Ina and her friends.Then Rick's surprise was the birthday cake that was not a birthday cake, it was just great and they tasted lovely which made it even more delightful.More coffee at the cafe today and then to the Casino where Trevor lost his money and I left $40.00 in front, for a change.We have also had our meeting for the Dutch day and all seems to be well there.Holland seems to be doing well in the soccer and I have had many photos showing all the orange dress ups and house decorations. Scott, Jo and the kids went to see our team play in Melbourne. Last week they had a huge win here but they had a loss again over there, what a shame but Scott said it was worth going to such a great venue.Everyone has rung and messaged me and I got some great gifts. I feel very priviledged. It is COLD. 4 *c in the mornings but about 20*C high. Had two more school friends visit on Thursday, Kay Kovalevs, best friend at school and bridesmaid and Maureen Gathercole. Should have taken a picture but had Caitlyn and forgot again. It wa s very pleasant though. What is not so pleasant is that my cardiac investigations are not finished, there seems to be something wrong at the bottom or back of the heart and I have to have further investigations on Friday week.What a bummer.trevor getting gradually better. Busy times ahead.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


To begin with, we have the' cats', our former Aqua Aerobic friends, here at our cafe with Nanny in the foreground.( She and Geoff have left for KL and Penang today and Net has just had a wonderful holiday in Phuket) The bi g news is that we have decided to sell our house, or at least the life lease, to be totally correct. Trev was not really happy and with him being sick the last weeks and totally miserable, Rick and Karen renewed their offer for us to build a granny flat on their property. Vicki and Travis were keen for us to do it also and I guess we probably would have done that in the future but now the future has come foreward. Trevor is quite happy about it and it seems to certainly have cheered him up , which is the most important thing.
Biggest problem is the bit in between selling and the granny flat being finished as we can't build it until we have money from the sale. Thoughts are a caravan but Vicki and Trav want us to stay there. I don't know yet, I'd like to be as little nuisance factor as possible. The unit will be quite small but we think also quite comfortable. We have told the family, Viv & Mick still to come and the people in the village. Most seem to agree it is a good move and what's more, said they would miss us.
The Cafe Manager ,Lorraine turned on the drinks last week because we have had some busy days , with 45 cats here ,busy normal days and the 60th wedding anniversary of our backdoor naighbours. Was a very pleasant evening. This is the boss and the other the table of girls.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Just a Memory

This is the new banner for Karen's blog. Brings back lovely memories. She certainly did some interesting things on her tour and packed in a lot. See her blog by clicking her link below.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Mostly a Horsy story

Caitlyn loves Maccie.

Karen was home from China so they asked us for tea and we met Pixie, she is gorgeous. Pop brought a carrot for her.

The light was starting to fade but it made her look even more beautifulWe,that's Bella and Pixie and Rick and I then went for a walk along their river, Cardup Brook , along the new walkpath.Bella looks great on her horse and rides well.