Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It is the rainy season

Here we are with an update.
Firstly the Birthdays. Yes there is my own this month and then Karen on the 19th and Caitlyn on the 30th. Cousins Jan & Adrie and Goos & Ger each have an anniversary, 45 yrs and 35 years. Hearty congratulations. It seems they are having parties,don't usually hold so much with those in between anniversaries here.On June 6th we have about 45 of the swimming girls coming here for lunch so that will be a busy day.
Should be enjoyable, though Ina & I will have to provide some additional food as well as help.Karen is in China and loving it , as we knew she would, despite the tremors. I sent her a photo of the girs with a kiss and have included another one here.
Our Football is a sad state of affairs, we keep running up the good scores and staying in front until the last quarter , then losing it. Too many losses in a row now. The photo here was at an exciting goal kicked by our captain Pavlich. The Wattle, the first in bloom along our walk. Then several of the dogs we meet ,though there are many more, we have not seen so many in the last few weeks
Mac on the boardwalk.



The beagles

The Finnish dog

A goal at Subi Oval

Girls with a kiss for Mum in China

The girls modelling when Oma was minding them all

Dinner at Carmel's
Some of us from the village got together at Carmel and Mal's place for a lovely casserole dinner a few weeks ago.
Poor Trevor is having a terrible time. His shingles are basically gone but the bursitis is so bad he looks like a real poor old man. We got him in for a cortisone injection on Thursday week but then Vicki suggested we try Armadale hospital and we got him in there tomorrow. He just can't wait because he needs relief so badly. He can't sleep and now is hardly able to move his right arm at all. Hope it goes well tomorrow!!!
Finally, I saw the cardiologist and I have to have some tests over 2 days nextMonday and Tuesdayweek,the 8th & 9th. That is to eliminate blockages and if I come out of that OK ,the flutters are not because of heart desease and I should not have to worry. So the news is good so far. Well, that is the update again.oh, my sister Nanny & B.I.L .Geoff are back here from CI for 6 months. Clare , je kan weer naar Nanny schrijven hoor. Any lack in quality of photos is because they were taken on phone but nevertheless, not bad for just a phone camera.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

There are sunsets and sunrises!!!!!

I am totally surprised that no-one has picked me up on the fact that the sun RISES in the morning!!!! Does that mean that absolutely no-one reads my blog??? Take this as a correction, it is the lovely morning sun RISES.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I'Ve DONE it

I have finally conquered the telephone photo download and now you are going to have all these beautiful early morning sunsets thrown at you. There is also one summer sunset and a monarch butterfly plus Leschenaultia in bloom. The hazy one was the other day, when the ducks and mushrooms just showed up under the mist.Also three of the grandies walking home from the oval.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Mothers Day photos of the family at our place.

Travis,Zoe and Rick. Bella must have been in my bedroom) Even Michael called in which was appreciated.
Riley,Karen,the Nanks and Trev

Sarah ,Vicki & Jo

The rose garden at Fremantle cemetry

A Rose bush for My Mum & dad

Mum& Dad Branch's grave (also grandparents Barnes & Uncle)

Mother's day today and yes, I had a wonderful day. We all went to watch Reiley play football and then repaired to our house for coffee. They all contributed and Scott made the coffees with the expresso machine he gave me some time ago. After they left Trev and I went to the cemetry to check the Barnes grave and the de Jong rose memorial and to place a rose there for our mothers.Home for a quiet afternoon. Altogether a lovely Mothers' day.

Our dinner at Roxby's last Friday was worth a mention. I had Thai green curry duck and Trev had a T Bone, along with salad and garlic bread. It was simply superb and I could not eat it all, more was the pity. It really is top food and good service to boot.

Friday, May 09, 2008


The building is apparently called Corpus

Tuesday was our 47th Anniversary so tonight my husband is taking me out to dinner to the Roxby Thai restaurant.That should be great because we do like that restaurant.

Some busy times ahead. Some babysitting, out to lunch with the girls from East Waikiki (old colleagues). We're going to Mill's Bakehouse in Fremantle for that next Saturday. On June 6th the swimming girls are coming here. They really love coming here and the list was up to 43 people!!!!!

I think I got the following photos from Nick in Canada. It's a building near the Hague in the Netherlands and one walks inside it to observe the inside of a body, fascinating.

Also one of niece, Denise in front of her house with dog Angel, I think I meant to put that on when she sent it and I forgot. Thought I'd put it on now since she and husband Bruce (and Angel) are returning to W.A. for good in JUne.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Home again

First lessons without parents in water, (thank goodness that I did not have to go in). I took Caitlyn Saturday.Thanks to Dion, (one of other parents) for photos.

Caitlyn at swimming Lessons,last Saturday

Vicki & Trav are now home after 6 days in Melbourne. Caitlyn and I had a good but busy time and one does realise one's age when doing a 24 hr babysit. She slept well though and was a good girl.

Lovely daughter Vicki on her 33rd Birthday.
Sarah , drawing on the board at Vicki's B'Day
Mummy & daddy's plane taxies in


First things first, a new pink elephant back pack
Back home again..
Now the saga of Trevor. His bursitus is going ever so slightly better, he is having treatment from our physio. The shingles is also slightly improved but still there. He had a bad diabeties turn last Sunday and now he tells me that was the worst he had ever had. We think it was from having the numerous cough lollies he had . Rick has brought him some sugar free ones and he is over that now and will need to monitor his eating more carefully. Hope he is now over the worst of all of this,he has had a bad time.
Mac and I walked for the first time again today, it was lovely.
Saturday is Anna's birthday (Net's grand daughter) and Vicki had her birthday on the 1st. The 5th was Bella and Gary's birthdays. Our 47th Anniversary was on the 6th . Still to come are Jan Elfrink, our Jo and Net as well as Ellie Marsh, this month. Happy Birthday all, with our Love.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Vicki took these at Xmas

The other Oma with both our youngest and my oldest and youngest granddaughters.

Yes, angels do exist on this earth, one of Vicki's photos.