Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And now the Nankivilles

Just got some photos from Kristy from the wedding they all attended. The Groom was Michael 's friend, also Michael and so our Michael was the Best Man. Colin is not in the photo but sister Net, B/in/L Gary, Kristy, Michael and granddaughter Anna are. They scrubbed up well , didn't they?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Couple of beauties

Here's another, a good one.

Have never had a photo of Julie on here so thought I'd put this one on. She is with Sarah or Sarah is with Julie.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The After Mothers Day

Firstly today is cousin Jan's BIRTHDAY so Happy Birthday Jan Caitlyn and I explored Settler's Hill, a town in the Rockingham area . It is so much bigger than I thought. I've not been in there for years although I knew quite a few colleagues lived there. We were looking for somewhere nice to walk and found a gorgeous park. Wish I'd had a camera because it had the strangest piece of art in there, strange but I loved it. It was a huge metal , eucalypt type tree and on it's top branches were old sailing ships and it's bottom branches had modern cars and houses as leaves. I guess the idea was a blending of the areas significant trees with history and today. We walked (she Prammed) and she had a play. New shops have opened at the end of the freeway and we had a look in there. Mothers Day was great. Net & Gary called in in the morning and then we had the footy and our team won and won well , which was a great relief because we had been diappointed up to now. We all met at the Golden gate restaurant which was about the only Chinese in our area when we lived in Melville the first time and it is still going. The kids had a great time, the food was lovely but they obviously could not cope with the big influx so service was a bit slow.I was quite spoiled which I thank my family for. Net & gary are going on holidays up North and Nanny & Geoff to Europe and the US so we had dinner with them and their family at a new Indian Restaurant last night. Again ,food was lovely but they forgot some of the food and we had to ask for our rice. Not good but I guess they might get better in time. Was good to see the busy Uni students who all seem to be doing well. Birthdays next week are Jo and Ellie on the 24th and Net on the 25th. A bit early but Happy Birthday to Jo, Ellie and Net.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What a Day! What a week, What a Month

Just look at Anna's Cake!!!
Sarah & Caitlyn brushing the lamb

Riley,Caitlyn & Zoe with ducks & chooks

I told you I did not want the stupid bird on my head!

Looking for treasure in the fairy garden

Three pirates.

Grandad trying out the pirate ship with Anna

That's funny.

It is a gorgeous day today and although we have had some rains and appreciated it, we do like the days of beauty and tranquility in between.

This is the huge birthday month. We started with Vicki , on the 1st and celebrated the Monday before, then Gary & Bella on the 5th. Net's grand daughter Anna celebrated her 1st B'day on the 6th but it is on the 10th. Still to come, Jo on the 24th, Net the 25th and Ellie on the 24th too. To all a great day is wished and an even greater year.
Well Bella had a Pirate party and they had a huge blowup ship. Gues who came dressed up.?The grandparents ofcourse. Next day at the Sadliers ,it was the animal farm. Most of all , it is lovely to get together with all the family. Not so good for the waist line!!!

Our hospital just asked me to do a stint at the shoppingcentre as well but I'm going to have to say no. With the Library here and the Residents Committee, there is not a moment to spare.
Here's the pics, the ones from Bella's party are Karen's, forgot my camera.
Poor Bella and now Zoe had a viral infection so hope you both get better soon girls.