Sunday, January 02, 2011

A very special Present.

Last year Vicki & Travis presented us all with a photo book about our family holiday in Phuket & Bangkok. This year Karen did the work on our family (and extended family) holiday in Bali. It was once again beautifully done and a keepsake to treasure. Thank you Karen & Rick. The front of the book. The dinner at Alila Seminyak. The reason for the holiday, Rick turned 40.
Karen's thank you on the back of the book.


The New year has begun and 2010 is over. There have been some sad times but for us mostly good times.We're getting older with all that entails but still we had 3 holidays, 2 in Bali and one in Soth Australia. All wonderful. Our little house is now completed with the varandah enclosed and some new furniture.The children and grandchildren are all well, despite a few hiccoughs and the best medical results we had were that Scott managed to fight peritonitis and just ,in early December, the image from the scan of daughter Vicki's new baby. With little rain in winter here there could be a draught and yet there are devastating floods in Queensland and in NSW. Greenhouse effect?? Must be and we and the world's governments need to take some drastic action. We really need to keep this earth of ours in a good condition for our grandchildren and future generations. May 2011 be a good one where people CARE , in every way, Net and Gary had organised a bouncy castle and Face painter for our Family Christmas Eve, at their property.Everybody was there and we had such a wonderful time in such a beautiful setting.