Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Old Girl's Birthday

They all came for tea on Wednesday(except Scott, he was on nightshift. We had casseroles, a beef one, spaghetti Bolognaise,Frittata, Butter Chicken (Rick's) and small chicken pies, with salad( Vicki's). Sweets provided by Net, (white choc cheesecake) , Karen (baked ricotta cake) and Jo (sticky date pudding). All in all was very nice and plentiful also got very spoiled and the lovely gifts were much appreciated. A BIG thank you all.The pics are taken by Karen on the night, Kids jumping as they are not supposed to do ,in the spare room ( but always do!!),Caitlyn with Aunty Net, getting bigger and Jo.Net,Viv, Travis, Gary and Trev, waiting for their dinner.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


On Monday it was Karen's Birthday and though I saw her when she dropped Sarah off in the morning, I forgot to wish her Happy Birthday. When I rang in the evening, she was at a staffmeeting so I missed out again and I passed on my apologies. So now , once again Happy Birthday Karen. We'll see them all tonight as kids, grandies,sisters and brothers in law , are coming for a casserole tea tonight at our place for both birthdays.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Umbillical Twins

As we don't often go out anymore except to family events, the children decided to buy me tickets to the Playhouse theatre to see the Umbillical brothers, two very funny and very clever Comics. We enjoyed it thoroughly and even treated ourselves to dinner at Han's cafe(A hardworking Vietnamese gent who made good here and now has quite a big number of cafe's with a very varied menu and well priced meals.) All in all a most enjoyable evening so THANKS KIDS. This Pic of a lion dance . I took it at the Chinese New Year exhibition of the Lion Dance at the club and rather like it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Winners

Well how's that. Your home team wins its first World cup soccer match ever.Here are the celebrations in Melbourne's Federation square. They say there are 20 000 fans in Germany and there must be thousands in London by the sounds of it.Still there are thousands celebrating here.How wonderful if they won against Brazil too.Anthony Franken is their goals coach and his parents, Ina & Frank are justly proud of him.Bet it is something he'll never forget. To top it off , Holland has won their first match also,gosh I almost wish I was a full time sports fan.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Library picture

Here are the library pics as promised and if I don't run out of time, our waterway as well. This is the main bookcase and at the back,one of the new ones . In the second picture,we have the main bookcase and that acts as a wall. Behind that is a cumputer ,which I use for the library, a printer and a photocopier. Opposite that is another bench with 5 computers. They are being quite well used lately , which was the aim. It is good to see people helping others to get used to the system. The library borrowing system is very simple and I have some great volunteers to help. The other picture is part of the waterway at the end of our street.Our street, it's internal name is Spoonbill close, comes in where one can see the Foxtell dish on the roof. I have actually seen a spoonbill several times on my morning walks around the river lately but I bet if I carried my camera I would not see it!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Just had a phone call from Rick to say he had passed his interview with success,which means he can be promoted to sergeant.They go in a pool and have to be offered jobs in the next two years to take up the promotion. Scott has been in the pool for Senior Sergeant for a couple of months now so they are both climbing up the ladder and we are very proud of them both. We wish them both success and hope they are offered what they want. Old Leftover is doing pretty well on anti-inflamatories ( join the club)but Rick is looking for advice if he can use human tablets as dog ones are so expensive. It is Maureen Barkla's birthday this Saturday, a big 60 and we wish her a lovely day and many more to come.Luv Us. Then on Monday it is Adrie & Jan's wedding anniversary, all the Best to both of you,with our Love.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Foundation day

Foundation Day Holiday today ,that is to celebrate the settling by Europeans of Western Australia.The year was 1827 so , it's been a while. Not a great deal of happenings . Mostly the reorganization of my life. Vicki was asked to work 41/2 days a week ,which financially she could not refuse and also because then it might not be available when she was ready. Consequently Trev and I decided that we would cope with the babysitting and to and from school runs , between us. We thought Caitlyn was too small to go to childcare just now, so wait till next year or perhaps try the 1/2 day when the new Childcare centre is open. Thus, on this long weekend I cleared up some of the Welcome Committee work and now we'll just have the ongoing new residents to go. I also did a good bit of work in the Library. All the books have been re-shelved ,as we were given 2 sets of shelves and I have accessed a great load of books and will ask the others to shelf them.I'll have to take some pics of my library and post them. I guess it is a good thing I don't get up-tight anymore, just take it as I go and I think I still get loads of stuff done. Here's a close-up (Karen's work ofcourse) of the Missy I'll be minding full time. Sarah is just 2 days and Zoe & Riley 1 or 2 days depending on Scott's shifts.