Friday, March 30, 2007

Some more

Missed one, a junior Officer (female), myself and the Captain at the Captain's Cocktail Party.
The Casino.Lovely building. Was the old Treasury.

Brisbane from the river cat.Brown building, the casino,yep , went there,ate there and lost there.

The parrots feeding at O'Reilleys

Me in front of the tree, hollowed out from rotting because tropical vines have grown all over it. Don't you just love the double chins?

Now in Queensland,German Clock House in Mount Tambourine. pretty place, lovely shops.
Trev about to enter. Expensive so was too scared to buy anything there.zprobably would have if he had not been there with me!!!!!!

VJ ,our junior Waiter, with the flaming Bomb Alaska

The photos

Our Dinner table,l to r, Olivia,Jeanette,Fran,Alex,Marina,Rita and Jean with our waiter.
Cleaning Kava roots in Vila

Cooking the roast, Lifou

The big chief's meeting hut , Lifou

Our ship, from the tender going to Lifou

Noumea view

Noumean welcome

The wake of the ship,early morning

One of our favourite places, the promenade deck

Our stateroom

Firstly congratulations Bella on your terrific swimming achievements. So sorry we could not be there.

We had our Residents meeting and the sparks flew because our angry little friend had put another "letter" on the noticeboard,denegrating the Residents Committee and he stood up saying the Committee should not be recognised because they had resigned. Fortunately he was not well received and told to sit down and shut up. One of our neighbours then said we should vote on the legality of the Committee and the vote was against him by some 80 + to 3. Thank goodness that is over but he has spoiled it all and I certainly won't stand again next year. We then dicussed the rules and the President was not well in control of the meeting and so it went on a bit. Thought he could do better but basically, it is now done. Here are the cruise photos.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Back from our island cruise and it was lovely. We did shore excursions on each island and enjoyed each one . The only thing we found that it was not terribly exciting on those islands, pretty, friendly, tropical but not what one would really have an urge to return to. Some people do though, there were a lot of people on the ship who were frequent cruisers and had been on this one before.

The ship was beautiful with every facility . our cabin was extremely comfortable and the other facilities, the shows and the food was terrific. trevor managed ubtil after lunch on the 5th day but then , a bit choppy weather and he was sick enough to ask to be taken to the hospital. They gave him a needle which perked him up but he had to be monitored because his sugar count went up to 17!!! and heart rate and BP also went up. He had also stubbed his toe in Vila so we had to come back next day for more testing and dressing of the toe. They insisted he reports straight to his Doctor but try & do that , it is a lost cause. Don't get sick on a ship though, it cost well over $340.00 no medicare. We hope to get some from insurance.

We enjoyed our stay in Brisbane very much.Did a lovely daytrip to Tamboorine Mts and Reilley's. We cruised the river in the city cat and walked all the shoppingcenters in the Mall as well as one in Indroopilly. Had big problems with our room at the Sebel. They kept thinking we were not in there and our keycards were desensitised twice, our luggage not brought up . Had to check out & check in in the middle of the stay and even had a man walk into our room when they double booked it. Not funny when you are already in bed and lights out!!!! We reported it all and did get verbal apologies and a bottle of wine but wonder if we'll get a written apology because we can laugh now but was not funny then. We wondered , how could a big Hotel chain make such mistakes?

As I said, we can laugh now and are happy that we had such a nice trip. Photos, when I have them downloaded.

Here' s one I pinched from Karen, their new dog , Oi. Vicki & Trav have a new cat Mimo. He is sweet too.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


The finale..Ung Pau bags with money given to the lions

Two near us
Funnily Zoe was abit wary though she knew they were people

This year the boy was included and 8-10 lions.
They danced in the clubhouse quadrangle.

Some pictures to add from the Chinese New year Lion dance.

Have been trying to book our seats on line but although it says from 24-48 hrs prior, I cant' get on yet so will go home and eat my frozen dinner and come back.

Got an email from Nanny to say they are waiting for a cyclone. Will ring after 7 tonight to see how they fared.

There was a plane crash in Indonesia with much loss of life, including Australians. It always brings it closer to home when fellow countrymen are involved. Very sad.They've brought some victims home already because we have some very successful burns units in our country, the best of them in Perth with it's head, Dr Fiona Woods, Australian of the year in 2006. She is a very clever woman.

Did not do any good at the casino today but at least the lunch was cheap and very nice too, especially as I have been eating diet food, so I can lash out a little on the cruise.This will be my last entry for a fortnight at least. please do not email unless necessary.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Getting Closer

Yes our holiday is getting closer. I managed to send Trev off to mind Vicki & Travis' animals so that I could stay here and do the things I had to do including keeping some appointments.He did some work in the back yard already!!!!!!!!!!.Glad it was him not me. Last Thursday I met my John Curtin friends again and it was great. they all agreed we should meet more often. (Did I already write that? I think I did) but it was great. Vicki & Travis were off to Melbourne on Saturday. Poor Caitlyn had an upset tummy, teeth we think , but managed the flight OK and seemingly actually loved it. Today I Messaged the kids that the Lion Dance was on for Chinese New Year,short notice but Scott, Jo & the kids came and they liked it. It's always a good show. Since Bella & Sarah's Mum does not have to work on Monday's public holiday, I will play Mah Jong, which I do enjoy a lot.On Tuesday I'm having my hair streaked. Thursday we'll go to the Casino with the village. It is only $5.00 for the bus, lunch and a couple of free games and as a club member I was just sent a $ 10.00 voucher so I can really live it up!!!!!! Then on Friday we are off. Jo will take us as Scott has to work. I have not downloaded the pics of the lion dance yet so that is for next installment. (Is that 1 l or 2???)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rose's Wedding et all

Trev can bowl,not sit as yet. Our own greens at
the clubhouse.

Rose & Eddy

Vicki,Caitlyn,Maureen & Travis
& her

ZIRSC (Karen ,the Photographer)

Bella & Caitlyn

Just got an email from Nanny who said she likes looking at Karen & My blogs, so glad you enjoy them Ger said she does not have much time to look, a pity because that was the idea, I could update everyone in one foul swoop.It really does not take long and I look at Karen's nearly every day.

I am no longer at DODO for my emails so everyone please use my Arcadia address. I had a lot of trouble with them and then trouble disconnecting. Even now the idiots are still ringing me on their Indian call centre,,soooooo stupid.

Today had another get together with some of our highschool chums, that is twice in as many months . One of the girls could not come to the school's 50th Anniversary in December so her sister arranged this through one of the guys. There were some 12 of us there and we have decided that now we are getting older, we value this sort of thing more and should meet at least twice a year and encourage more of the others to come. It was a great morning, at the 'Left Bank "

Did not know Denise was cruising again, gosh they are really seasoned cruisers now. We are just happy we can do our short cruise and are off in 8 days. First I babysit Vicki & Trav's animals while they go to Melbourne.

Had our visit with Topol yesterday at Burswood Theatre. It was just so magnificent. We had the 4th row from the front and boy, could see every expression on his face. The man must be as old as we are!!( and that's old!!) We just love the Fiddler on the Roof.

As for the rest, some nice pics of the kids and alo Rose & Eddy's wedding. The lady with Travis and Vicki is Caitlyn's Nana. She thinks Caitlyn is a bit special too, Don't you Maureen????