Friday, September 27, 2013

Hi to our WV. Sponsored Child.

Such a very special day today. Despite having the travellers" bug and having to completely re arrange the Program WV. Cambodia had organised for us,we finally met our sponsored child, Bunly. We were able to have lunch at thebluepumpkin at riverside in Phnom Penh . We have been confined to our hotel and this was the only way we could fulfill that wish on our bucket list. We were delighted with the visit and are sure Bunly and his Mum enjoyed it also. He is able to speak some English and we were told that he will be going to college to study Agriculture. The World Vision Reps were good, helping with fact about the program and translation. We suggested that Bunly take some take away with him, for his Dad, which he really liked. We had brought lots of presents from Australiabbecause that is the only time we could do so.. Each family group bought a gift and the Barkla and Branch Parents also brought gifts for Mum. We certainly left on a satisfied note.e

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More Oma carla,s travel photos

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Oma Carla's travels.

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Off We Go.

left Perth yesterday and now in KL Airport Hotel, the Sama Sama. We stayed here when it was the Pan Pacific and it is a lovely Hotel.great excitement for Oma Carla because it is her first time. Lovely rooms, huge selection For breakfast and.....walk in shower!!!! Unfortunately Blogger does not like iPad so won't let me post photos. I guess they will have to come in bulk on our return. Leaving for Siem Reap soon.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Oma carla's Handmades

Have had a stressful time with the separation of our son and his wife and instead of it becoming a simple divorce, things have become complicated. Almost seems like she does not want to let go, yet she is always angry and indicates total dislike of him. Won't go into great detail but it has been stressful because we live on the property. We are entitled to take our house off because it is a transportable but even that costs money, big money. However , we will, if we need to. Lucky we have Trev's sister and her husband because they have a property we can go to. To help relieve the stress I have gone into making rag dolls. It was something I have wanted to do for a long time. I had been collecting fabrics to do quilting but that is rather expensive , so, one way to use up the fabrics. I do three sizes and have named them Travelling Dolls as I thought they would be good travel companions. Here are some of them. They are all named after a next generations, family member and travelling to a particular place, eg Chantal is going to Paris to join the Moulin Rouge and Chelsea is going to Fiji to marry. Having a lot of fun with them and enjoying the project.