Sunday, February 25, 2007


Dancing Bow wow
Ina ,Frank & Trev in Clubhouse which sold lolly bags, pop corn ,icecreams etc.

Clare & Thelma in 50's gear , clicked right numbers but still came up twice!!!!!!!!!

Pink Cadillac with 'Elvis"

Boy, for some reason I had no choice but to update this blog to a Google Blog. I have downloaded the pictures a few times and then keep losing them . Wish I just had the old version. Anyhow, will try again. Photos from the 50's & 60's night and another of Caitlyn, sitting in Mac's bed and dancing. We minded her overnight as Vicki & Travis went to Rose's wedding. We all went to have a look too,Rose looked gorgeous,very angelic!!!! Photos from that event later.

Rock around the Clock film,with popcorn and all

Ivy in the Cadillac

Friday, February 23, 2007


Yes I know I am getting a bit behind with this. The main reason is that I have been having trouble with my provider and that has taken a lot of my time (and money because of phone calls, letter and faxes.) I have been trying to disconnect from them since the 12th, without success and finally , after them getting a letter from the internet ombudsman today, they rang me and disconnected. Now I have to do my emailing from the clubhouse and I keep forgetting to bring my flashdrive so I can enclose the latest photos. I'll have to do better, won't I ? Have been busy at the village too because after a big hickcough with one of the Committee members (he's sitting on the computer behind me but won't talk to me!!) we are back in action and I have just provided the whole village with the updated rules, hoping they will accept them. We had a lovely Rock & Roll night last Saturday, even had the film ,Rock around the Clock. Many of us in our circle skirts and sandshoes & bobbysocks. Must admit they looked better 50 years ago!!! But it was great fun. We were visited by 5 cadillacs, 2 of them pink and had some great songs that we could all sing. Getting ready for our cruise and think we're all up to date with everything now. Weather is now reasonable, mid thirties and Mac and I have nice morning walks because it is not so hot. Trevor's back is getting better, slowly. he still can't sit for long but the bruising is almost gone. To those who don't know , he was pulling a wire and it broke., he fell heavily on a low concrete wall and must have broken his tail bone and the bruising was phenominal. We went to one of his old colleagues for dinner last week and that was very nice. When we get back we'll have them all here one night. Well I might think of other things later and will add the photo Vicki just sent me of Caitlyn having a dummy spit at Karen's. Does not happen too often and I thought it was a graeat photo.(but then, Karen took it ofcourse) Ad Draayer,if you are viewing this, you are able to make comments but if your computer is set high on security, you can click on the letter and email a comment. Our Love to your Mum and your family.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Photos added

Tree Climber Riley Cricketer Riley Caitlyn dancing in Mac's bed Zoe with our doggy Mac