Monday, June 14, 2010

Fw: Gin, the Dancing Dog

For all those who love dogs. You need to see this, it's great
Subject: Gin, the Dancing Dog


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Subject: Gin, the Dancing Dog

You HAVE to see this!!!!!!! 

See what Simon Cowell has to say about this dog.




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Friday, June 11, 2010

Here are the wet days

Although our lives are always busy, May was not very eventful, except for birthdays, Bella, Gary,Anna,Jo, Annette and June we had/have; Kelly, Maureen Barkla,Karen,me,Raven and Caitlyn. All were celebrated appropriately but for mine we are going to Adelaide (for 7 nights) and celebrate my birthday there. On a sad note, cousin Lyndall's mother, Margaret Ace, died last week at the age of 80,she had not been well for some time. We are having some crispy, fine days , here in Paradise. Chilly mornings 2 or 3 Centigrade to about 18.Next few days even rising to around 20 again but some rain expected. We do have the odd rainy days and the last one was a beauty. The fields are green again nd the brook had water in it. That is dried up again now so come on the rainy days. Off to Adelaide on Wednesday and sure we'll enjoy it because Adelaide is a pretty place. Some VERY wet pics.

Mostly Animals and wet days

Rick and Karen have a new horse, he is big! Full size and will be the runner up to Pixie.Did not realise that Pixie was so much smaller , until Sam arrived. She is only young but he is a full 16 yrs old. He seems to have settled in quite well and here are a series of snaps of him.
He shines!
The two of them.
Pixie looking for a treat from Oma.
Sam too
Sam is curious
The birds have been quite prolific, probably because the neighbours have also started to feed them. we now get a lot of pink and grey galahs , still some twenty eights and just the odd smaller bird. It really i such fun to watch them.
Closeup on the arch
On the gate to Pixie and Sam's stalls.
They are everywhere,here on our arch.