Friday, December 29, 2006

Boxing Day

We had another big get togethere at Scott and Jo's on Boxing Day. It was breakfast/lunch or brunch and we certainly had plenty of food again. There was bacon ,sausages,eggs,fruit,croissants,toast,yoghurt(none was eaten),tomatoes plus one of Suhaima's laksa's with pancakes as well as normal pancakes and other bits and pieces. The Donnes clan joined us. the kids swam in the pool and a great time was had by all once again. We shopped on the next day and got a few replacement Xmas lights and quite a few clothes to take on the cruise . We really did well in that area with the sales. I managed one pair of slacks from $59.99 down to $9.98 because it had been discounted previously ,then everything in the shop was half price.That was just great.No item cost more than $18.98. Not bad eh?? Trev put in some fans for Net & Gary yesterday & I went too, so nice to have a natter with my sister for a change as I don't see her much on her own now.Making a piniata for her for New Year's Eve
. We have to wear hats or masks so organised that too today. Was supposed to work in the cafe, I am a standby but was sent home as there were too many staff,so had a bit more time for these fiddly bits. We won quite a big hamper in the village Christmas raffle, which was nice but more nibbles and more biscuits. Will provide the nibbles for New Year's Eve.Photos will come later, I have not downloaded them yet. HAPPY NEW YEAR to EVERYONE. May 2007 be a Healthy and Happy one for all our Family and Friends. Good luck too and I guess everyone with me,wishes for World peace at last

Monday, December 25, 2006

Just a Few More

At Lomond's(Bruce's Mum) after airport. Eeeeh from Chelsea Aaaaah from Caitlyn

Home for Christmas

OOOOH from Annna What they did to the Alpharetta kid The eldest 3 with the real Father Xmas Michael & Jess reading poetry Yes the REAL father Christmas came a Great Christmas Eve again. We ate too much and drank too much.We wrote and read

poetry and we received some great presents. A wonderful evening and thank you Vicki & Travis. Today about 12 of our neighbours called in as we had invited them for some Christmas cheer. Vicki, Trav & Caitlyn did too, as they usually do on their way to Maureen & Kim. We had seafood and chicken & ham & salad for lunch , just the two of us. Then at 5 we went to Ina & Frank's for more food, more drinks and convivial company. Christine & Rod Avery(neighbours of Ina & fellow Res.Com. member for me)called in as well.Tomorrow we celebrate again with Brunch at Scott & Jo's This time the Donnes family will join us. I have a lot of photos to put in to illustrate this page but will see how many blogger lets me do.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Getting Close to Xmas

Yes, just a week to go. Did our big shop today & will do the last minute fresh things next week.Bruce ,Denise ,Chelsea & boyfriend Rob are here, they arrived last Sunday. This afternoon Nanny & Geoff arrive so they are all here then.Tomorrow we celebrate Denise's birthday at their unit in Scarborough, they are able to spend a week or so there before it is rented out again. Kristy , Anna and Colin have arrived back from Kalgoorlie and are in their new house so it really is a big de Jong re-union for Christmas eve and breakfast on Boxing day ,really Brunch and at Scott & Jo's. Xmas Eve will be at Vicki & Travis'. My eye seems to be really good and the surgeon is very proud of himself as he said it was a big job. It seems to flash a bit like floaties so I must ask about that on my next visit ,10th of January. However, I can SEE and some things without glasses. Poor old Frank Franken had a sudden trip to hospital last Monday morning at 4 am. Luckily not his heart but gallbladder. Unfortunately he has a lot of bleeding so looks like being in hospital for a while. We lost one of our Residents last week to cancer. he was very well respected and a lovely man which was evident by the number of residents and other friends and family. at his funeral service.Colin and his wife Val were very devoted but luckily she has a big family who support her at this time. The Residents Committtee met on Thursday and I was Vice President for about 5 minutes ,until we could not find a Secretary so that is what I ended up with, more work!! Our Social Committee was useless this year, apart from 3 people, so we need to get a lot of good new blood on that now. Their elections are in January. It is what one would call BLOODY hot here today, 36 degrees. Hope the fires do not start. That's it ,until next time . If I don't get time to get back before Christmas , HAPPY CHRISTMAS from our house to yours, to all our Friends and Family. Enjoy!!!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

I CAN spell

Sorry it is forget. Blame the eyesight or the lack of editing. Had the kids for lunch one Sunday recently and Rick & Trev put up my lights that were out of my reach. It looks good. There are some other really lovely ones in the village. I won a prize with this entry in "Crafty Yarns", a magazine from the Fox Collections where I get my crosstitch gear.I'Ve won a voucher to use on their products,nice eh?

The Eye has it

Had my operation on Tuesday and it all went very well. The anaesthetist would not give me a general, because of other problems, especially the sleep apnea. I was a bit worried about that. The Eye specialist said it was an intricate op. because the cataract was so big but he managed to clear it all without having to put in stitches.I was so pleased and so was the Dr on my followup visit on Wednesday.The worst problem is that I foreget I'm not supposed to bend down and I only remember when I AM bending down but... so far so good. I t has not worried me a great deal and I have continued with my normal activities. We had our first meeting with the new Residents' Committee and we have not decided on the positions as yet as some people did not know each other. That is to happen next week.No babysitting so have had a chance to do some library work and a bit of research for the new Residents ' Committee. Have got all the Xmas Pressies bought and wrapped and poems written ,I am a clever girl. Just wanted it finished because of the eye business. Have not written cards except the overseas ones so please be patient, They will happen. I did take a picture of me with my patched eye but as usual, too many double chins so will put on one that looks like the view I had when the Dr was operating.