Sunday, August 19, 2007

Footy again

Went to Riley's footy this morning early and Aunty Nanny & Uncle Geoff came also because there was a visiting team from Christmas Island there. They had the chance to meet up with people they knew. Went for coffee at Scott & Jo's.

To Julie

A Very Happy Birthday.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dog Show

Almost like the old days in the 60's when we used to show our Labradors ( and tried to get them to do the right thing in the trials). They were good times. So just showing off a little because Rick & Karen have a new dog in their lives, Nova, who belonged to two radio announcers with Nova Radio station but because she was a few seconds too slow, was left to be ignored in the kennels. Then there is that beautiful miniature dachshund, Mac. Much admired by everyone ( except Travis and Rick because he barks at them) but all the people on my walk love him and everyone passing him in cars smile at him. Just look at him, it's no wonder. Early next month I'm minding Rick's dogs again while they go to Bali. There is also a pic. of the galas picking at the grass roots in the doggie oval , which is my shorter walk and caitlyn in the pram. She goes walking with me on Thursdays. Lastly, there is one of Friend Nick(on the left) who lives in Calgary, canada.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Just raving again


Had a couple of fine days after the rains and the river had spilled its banks.There was still much dampness in the air with droplets hanging precariously on the large grasses alongside the paths.The birds are singing and twittering and the bell frogs ring out their mating call. The ducks are chasing each other , the mushrooms are prolific (people picking bags full) and the wild flowers are beginning to blossom.All is well with the world until you...( notice Trav, not "one") ... come home or read your emails and you have to face the reality of terrorism, Muslem domination attempts, political lies and Nature's and humanity's destructive forces.

Then again, kids are all well now, Rick & Karen have adopted a neglected greyhound which was , it seems, owned by two radio personalities and Scott starts his duties in his promotional position.As of September, the babysitting will be easier because Jo is dropping work on Thursdays so I'll only have Caitlyn. I have also dropped all voluntary work at the village because I did not like the Manager initiated politics so I'll have some more time. Herewith my photos