Friday, December 31, 2010


Christmas Eve..........Fun and laughter and plenty of readings and presents.
Minding the kids in the holidays
getting up my lights
mine Rick's
I loved the dancing concerts.
We celebrated Xmas with Trev's sister & family.

Click to play: New Years Wishes

Click to play: New Years Wishes

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A summary of the last 2 months

Happy Birthday Clara van ons allen hier.
My apologies to those who follow my blog and have had nothing to follow. Busy times again but , I am proud to say that you can bring on Christmas now because I am ready , except for the lights on the house. I have bought, packed, cooked and decorated , so well done to me!!!!. There were quite a few birthdays, like Bruce, Nanny, Trev and Michael all in a bundle, then Scott, Lyndall, Johari,Suhaima and Matthew and Grace and Sophia have both turned ONE already. Today, our eldest granddaughter, Zoe, entered the teenage phase. That even means no Xmas stocking and join in the adult gift session. Happ Birthday Zoe, we had a lovely day, hope you enjoyed your celebratory weekend.
Trev and I even went away in the caravan for a few days and really enjoyed it. We went to Ravenswood which is near Yunderup, where we had a permanent caravan for years and a house for just 3 years, (the one we should have kept).
I have just selected photos of things that we did in the last few months with appropriate comments but Blogger does not always publish them in the right space near the right photo so once again, here is a puzzle for you all.
Hope to keep more up to date?!?!
A beautiful picture, taken by Karen, of Bella & Pixie having a cuddle.
Our varandah is now enclosed, giving us another room.
My beautiful daughter has lost a lot of weight and so has Rick.
Zoe has officially joined the ranks of the teenage years,with her starwberry pavlova birthday cake.
Tickle my tummy,Mac, in the caravan
The Murray River from Ravenswood caravan park. We visited a lot of our old haunts there.
Trev and Mac at the Mill House, Dwellingup for cofee. Dwellingup area.
Oma & Pop at Caitlyn's school for Grandparents day.
A property owner whose scarecrow threatens to shoot people dead if they get on his property. He's a fool and a coward because he's written it in Polish.
Naughty Pixie got into the rubbish and GREEN poster paint.
I love blackboys or grass trees and the one with the drumstick flowers is a totally different family and species . The Dasypogonaceae, Kingia Australis, unique to the SW of WA.
I always wanted a close up .
Produce from Trev's vegie patch
I get strawberries for the people at Arcadia Waters. We went to dogs day out.Karen,Sarah,Charlie ( Show prizes in sideshow alley
Visitors to our birdfeeder, a Galah and a wood pigeon Woodchoppers at the Royal show
Royal Show camel rides The windmill I gave Trev for his birthday
Lunch at Sandrinos, Fremantle.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The story of Winter in W.A.

A nice one of Caitlyn
There has not been a blog for the last 2 months because even my computer had to go to hospital. I don't know what Blogger is up to but it won't let me post more than 5 pictures or even more attached to this blog so you will have to look at the next 6 or 7 blogs to get your dose of Branch information.
It has been such a verrrry Cold winter. We have gone below freezing and even set several records for the number of cold days and cold nights. Unfortunately that also meant very little rain and we will be having to turn off the taps in summer and start believing that brown is beautiful as far as the grass is concerned. Many people have been sick, not only the flu but there is an increase in asthma ( Caitlyn and Mick are two in our family) but there also seem to be so many other illnesses which I'm sure is because we have had no resistance in this cold weather. Our little ones have fallen down one after the other ,with time off school and often Oma babysitting and the big ones have fared only a little better. Scott has been very sick with an infected bowel and the first stages of peritonitus. Luckely they seem to have caught it in time with antibiotics and fasting and so surgery was avoided. he hopes to come home tomorrow after 8 days in hospital.
I have not even been doing my regular walk which certainly has not helped my fitness but have had a few health checks which seem to indicate all is OK so will start again next week.The sun is beginning to shine and the days are a little warmer.
Our Football team reached the finals but were beaten in round 2 . It was a valliant effort.

Pixie the beautiful Pony