Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We will remember them

Today is Anzac Day when everyone is on Holidays and most people attend some type of memorial service in the morning.
We had ours organised by the Social Committee, specifically the Vice President, Pam taylor. At 9 am we had a really impressive service, then some watched the Parade in the streets of Perth on the large screen in the lounge. Then it was sherries and nibbles in the cafe area and the choir snag some lovely songs , with solos and audience participation. We finished with a sausage sizzle.
Well done , it really was.We have a few veterans in the village so it is nice for them if they can't get to the services further away. In this troubled world and even if it was not so, we will remember them.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Today is a beautiful day

Yes today is another beautiful day in paradise. We have had some rains, not enough ofcourse but are keeping our fingers crossed. The weather today is just beautiful and it was a delight going walking with the dog and talked to quite a few of the other walkers today.

Better than Wednesday when I had a horrible day looking for my lost keys. The problem with that is that I have the one and only safe key and mailbox key. Had poor Karen and Rick looking everywhere too because we had been to their place for Rick's birthday. I really got quite upset about it all but then, went to vicki's to babysit Caitlyn Thursday morning, guess what was on the babyseat, my keys. Hard to find because the bunnyrug on there has little black penguins on it. Must have put them there while I was putting Mac in his car harness. It is hard to have the safe key copied, have to go to a locksmith but will certainly do that now. A lot of things going on in the village.

Next week, high tea for St George's day , Monday. Anzac Day on Wednesday. In June they are having a "Dancing with the stars" and I'm a judge. We are also trying to get more people elceted on our Residents Committee, more work for Carla but so far have had no takers.

Karen let me have some photos she took as I've not been bringing my camara. One of Pop, Sarah and Mac and another of Anna & Caitlyn having a cuddle at Ricks's birthday.
Our sympathy to Net & Gary for the loss of their cat , Lilly.
On a brighter note, Happy Birthday to Edwin Elfrink , we wish you a great day.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Easter Long weekend

Have just come back from having the car serviced and saw Scott's photos of their holiday. The house they stayed in was in the forest and magnificent.

On Saturday Rick & Karen took us to Pinjarra (some 60 kms I think) for breakfast. We had pies for breakfast at the bakery there. Different but nice. We were pleased to see our old retired doctor (had him over 30 years) there. Aged but still very active. Neil Fitch was always a favourite with the kids too so was nice that Rick was there.

Had morning tea at a new chocolate/coffee shop on the Mandurah foreshore. Again ,different but so nice. Then to the King Carnival where the kids had some great rides and for lunch at the Stagedoor.

Next day a lovely day at Rick & Karen's with egg hunt and early lunch.Net & Gary, Kristy & Colin, were there too plus friends of the hosts and Karen's brother & kids.

On Monday we went for a drive to a market,bought the fruit & veges and then for lunch in the Swan Valley. Most restaurants were busy so had lunch at the Guidford pub.

had a little rain over the weekend but now extra lovely weather again.

Did not bring camera so if you want pics ,you'll have to go to Karen's site.

Will put on some of Scott's , hope that's ok with him??

Friday, April 06, 2007


We almost have a Northern Hemisphere type Easter here at the moment.It used to be that the first rains,or real rains arrived at Easter but this Easter it is warm , almost hot. It was some 34 degrees yesterday and at least the same today or feels like it.We had a cuppa at our coffee shop this morning and will go there for tea tonight. Rck & Karen are having brunch on Sunday for us all. Scott, Jo & the kids are on a long weekend in Pemberton, on a farmstay. They'll enjoy that, it is our big timber country.

So to all a VERY HAPPY EASTER. relax and enjoy the break.