Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nothing special but like to share

The Mundijong Fair had birds and we wanted another 1 or 2 chooks but one had to bid for them and the auction was not on till 12 so still no new chooks.
3,"28" parrots on our feeder again.
Max , the foal, often comes to say hello when I walk past,he is getting really big.
Morning Walk. Where I leave the path to walk the main road home.
Car Display and stalls at SJ Fair and Auction
Caitlyn likes little pony tails
Mum & daughter at the SJ Fair & Auction(morning tea)
Caitlyn getting face painting
Sarah learning to do her breaststroke kick at swimming lessons.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Having another try

Country Living means going to country fairs and farmers markets.Last week was Byford ( a good one)(here waiting for the pancakes to die for) and this week was Jarrahdale.Wednesday we hope to get another hen at the Mundijong market.
Denise posted this, Caitlyn's Mummy and our daughter Vicki, when she was 4 and also a flower girl for Denise.

Country Living & the flower girl.

Sorry, can't post any photos, must have gone over my limit, will try later.

Country living and the Little one.

Won't let me publish any more so will do another publish , which will appear before this one.
This is Caitlyn as flower girl, enjoy!(Thanks Trav & Vicki for your photos)