Saturday, December 29, 2007


I am about to go home to start organising things for making "bitter ballen" for New Year's eve and then remembered that I meant to thank also those people who messaged and rang to give their Christmas wishes. Thank you, we just love it.

Here are the pictures

On Dec the 26th we all went to Scott & Jo's and that was the really hot day. When the kids were finally allowed in the pool , it was after 5 pm and the pool was 38 oC. They had a great time ( see Karen's blog) I did once more pinch one of her pictures because I forgot my camera again. This is Pop & Riley makeing the bon-bon pop. The 25th was quiet and we heard later that our 42.2 C temperature put us as the hottest city in the world for Xmas day. Well the next day was worse, 44 oC.With aircon one does not even notice so much and Trev and I had baked pork roullade and baked potatoes for lunch and all. 24th December and the old fella has finally arrived, such excitement. Lots of loot, lots in stockings and poems to read, fun to share. What more can you wish for? One boy was a little worried but the girls were not. Later he was able to thank Santa most politely though.

Dec 21st. well ,I started the Christmas lights tradition in the village but have never won the "Best Lights". howevere, That's OK, I am just happy that we have a very well lit village every Christmas. On this night the winner is announced and the winners of the hampers are drawn. It is done very fairly, the house numbers are drawn out. We missed out but many in our street were winners, which was great. We won a hamper last year so it is being shared around very well.We had our fish & chips with the Mynsbergen family.

Dec 20th, Carols in Our Domain (at the Club) and my 5 aangels all participated in the Traditional tableau. (one got tired and wandered back to Mum & Dad every now and then.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Sorry People we have a case of the huge spaces again because the Xmas tree turned up about 10-12 times. Keep scrolling, there IS a message down below.!! Bloody computers!!!!

To all our friends and family may your lives be blessed with all you wish for . Ours is. It is Boxing Day and we have filled our bellies with some wondrous food and spoiled the children and each other with some wondrous gifts. The atmosphere has been great and it is always extra special when there are little ones and Sarah, Caitlyn and Anna have certainly given us some great moments. I have quite a lot of photos to share but have not got all of them on my flash drive yet and I need that, to put them on this site because the computers in the club are the only access I have on the Internet ( unless I use those at the kids places.) I guess the only down part has been that the temperature yesterday was 42 and today was 44.2 C. Lucky it was not humid so the airconditioner is working well. The kids were not even allowed into the pool at Scott"s until late because it was just too hot. There is quite a large fire not far from Vicki & Travis's house but across the FReeway. The freeway was closed so they are obviously watching in case it jumps across. They are packed with emergency gear just in case but ofcourse we hope it does not come to that and they are keeping us informed. Not nice.The children were all here for our Carols in our Domain last Thursday. Then we had an excellent night at Kristy & Colin's for dinner and father Xmas on Xmas Eve (Thanks for a lovely night), and today lunch at Scott & Jo's and thanks to them also. Thanks to all who sent us Xmas greetings, by mail and by cyberspace, It was much appreciated and some of the emails are so clever.If I don't seem to answer as many as I used to it is because the system here is highly security protected and it is not just a matter of pressing forward and clicking on a name. It is a rather tedious process and that is why I encourage people to look at the blog (s). Hope your New Year is one which brings Peace for all and Health, wealth and Happiness for all our Family and Friends.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Another dancer

Eileen,Bob Cullins,Shirley and Rodger Kwok, the owner of the village

Our table
At our table,Dorothy,Marjorie and Hilda

Various of Sarah and Holly, before and at the concert (thanks to Karen)

Sarah ,it seems also did very well at her dancing concert and for those who don't look on Karen's blog, I have purloined (is that spelling correct?) one of her photos again. It is good to see the kids achieving.

We had our Xmas Dinner last Saturday and that was an achievement too because our chef Reiner, cooked beautifully and successfully for 180 people. It was a most enjoyable night.

Won at Mah Jong again this morning., not a big score but it gets a bit embarrassing at times. Wish I could teach some of the family, I would not be at all embarrassed about slaughtering them. Anyone want to take the challenge?

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Riley the cricketer

Father & daughter on neighbour's jet ski

Zoe with trophy

Xmas Dinner is on tonight. Most people have their lights up now so the village will be well lit. Not environmentally sound but so nice for the peace and friendships feelings at this time of the year.
Most of the other events are organised and we have had some already. The "CATS" lunch was at Nicholsons on Tuesday and was excellent. The pool is being re- furbished and it looks like the group might be forced to break up. I suggested get togethers here every quarter and that seems well received.
On Wednesday we had our Xmas get together for the Mah Jong club . Even Trevor came( though he went home early )and it was a lovely evening. The drink flowed freely and there were a lot of nibbles.Everyone was very jovial.
Busy making costumes for my angels (!!!!) for the carols in the "domain" here. The girls are angels and Riley a shepherd.That's happening on the 20th, Thursday.
Picking up strawberries for everyone on Thursdays. I pass it when I come home from Vicki's and my Vietnamese market gardener man & lady are so nice. Lovely and sweet , the product, and only $5.00 or $6.00 a kilo.
Minded Bella & Sarah last night and tonight Sarah has her dancing concert, no doubt we'll see the pics on Mum's blog. Zoe did well at her concert last week and even won the trophy for most improved at Tap, she was impressive.
Doing some cooking in preparation of having the 5 kids for tea on Thursday and some Chrissy things. Not good for the back, all this standing but what can one do??It has been pretty bad and I even did not walk this morning, which is highly unusual but then it will be a big night.
New years eve is being organised too a progressive dinner with some of the friends here and then go to the village party, should be good too.

Friday, December 07, 2007


Our Xmas tree in it's 'Odd 'year decor,both this and the house are really much brighter.

House lights

Time for pressies

Some of the Branch/Donnes men,Rick,Gary,Scott,Trev and Matt

Well the Xmas Season has started with a vengeance , but in a nice way , ofcourse.My lights are up, I did take a pic which I'll put on but I'll try for a better one tonight. The Xmas tree is up and lit and the parties have started. We have had 2 last week, one here, one with the Donnes family at Rick & Karen's. The latter was really great,we love to get together with the Donnes family. The other was a Scottish one and we had a lovely meal , including haggis , which was piped in and addressed correctly.

I have bought and wrapped all the pressies , just some poems to write . Those at the faily party have had their cards but all the others are still waiting to be written. The overseas cards are long gone.

This week I also went to Riley's class for a day and cooked "Kerstkransjes" with all the kids, piles of them. I gave them a Sinterklaas to colour in as well since it was Sinterklaasdag. I should have brought the camera but forgot again, ofcourse.

Next week, Lunch with the 'CATS' on Tuesday, work at our cafe on Wednesday and a Mah Jong Xmas Party in the evening. Xmas Dinner with the Social Club on the Saturday. Zoe's Dance concert on this Saturday but that is neatly in the afternoon so makes it easier. Have to miss Sarah's, as that is on our Xmas tea night next week, a shame, hope it does not clash next year.

Went to my lady doctor to get lady check ups and Vicki too. Everything Ok except for the arthritis ofcourse and she was very impressed that I had lost 9 kilos and Vicki 8. Vicki will probably have to have another cancer spot removed from the same place as last year,below her eye,on her face. She sees the specialist on Feb. 1st and if it is, he'll remove it straight away. Poor old Caitlyn suffering a lot with her allergies and yesterday was quite covered in excema.

Everyone else fine ,as far as I know, just busy trying to keep up with the functions. Kids had the Police picnic last Sunday , before the Branch/ Donnes do and enjoyed that ofcourse.Rick & Karen took them all.

Well, hope to get here before Xmas to update. I've been here for 2 1/2 hrs already,reading and answering emails and checking up the bank business(does not look so good at the moment) so must now post the photos.