Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pictures fom Holland

Just HAD to put at least one of cousin Gerry's pictures on this website. She and Goos went for a walk near our hometown, Hilversum, with the dogs and took some wonderful pictures. This one I just hhad to nab fo this blog. Goos and dogs with Paddestoelen in the foreground.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


We're at Net & Gary's. house and cat sitting. The boy cat,Clyde, is in kennels but the girl, Bonny, has a huge set of pins in her rear leg where she broke it in several places, chasing birds with the consequence of a concrete bird bath falling on her. She is confined to a cage but is being absolutely wonderful. Net says she has mellowed so much, it is incredible. She is even starting to be a bit interested in our little Mac. Not bad for a little cat that was rescued from between walls( and made it on TV for that.)
It's very obvious why I like their house, it has lots of big rooms and cupboards galore. Trouble is the cleaning is also big.I have got all enthusiastic about cardmaking again after attending a class for charity so am doing a lot of that since Net has cutters and stamps and room to do it.Enjoying that too. We picked up our new car yesterday, I'll take a photo on my phone ,see if Vicki can download it for me. It is a lovely gold Hyundi Accent., not new but nice and hopefully better on the petrol. WE have kept the Mazda and traded in Trev's buggy.I'll go back to Vicki's tonight to mind Caitlyn and next week both Trev and I are doing schoolruns because our "boys" are in Kalgoorlie working at the Expo again. Nanny & GEoff ,see you again next year and have fun with Net & Gary.Congratulations to the two ,newly engaged couples, Christopher and Rachel who came to visit for the weekend from CI and Michael and Kasha, who got engaged the week before last. Much Happiness is wished to all of you. Funny how you boys got engaged almost at the same time when you were born only a little apart also.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Went to the funeral of Edie Leembruggen today,former Principal of Vicki's school and friend, colleague and some time boss of myself. A great lady with many lifetimes of living,early childhood in Malaysia,near batu caves,imprisoned in a Japanese concentration camp as a teenager,forged her own education and became a formidable Pricipal here. A brave Lady , much admired, who always stood up for her principles.Was glad we kept in touch.
We seem to be settling here at Vicki & Travis's place and hope to give them some alone time such as we'll house sit for Net & Gary next week while they go to KL and CI. Nanny & Geoff return to Christmas Island on the 22nd so we'll have a coffee morning tomorrow.Apart from that things are moving along, our house has been settled and we now wait for the next place to get moving. The photo was purloined from Karen again. It is Trev and myself at Fantasea in Phuket.