Monday, June 29, 2009

The Chooks and the Chickens go for another drive.

Just a couple of easy days with a few shorter drives, very enjoyable, ofcourse. MUIDERSLOT, the largest castle nearby. Yes,Yes, yes, Sunday morning POFFERTJES at a real poffertjes Kraam in Laren.(I had some for you too Lyndall)
Sunday Barbecue with the kids, absent, Hyung, at a conference in Boston,US.
Monickendam street both ways.
Coffee and Appletaart in Volendam, not a single costume in sight.!!!!
Botters going out
Harbour Enkhuizen
Hard to take lunch, Trev Fish soup and then Smoked Mackerel baguette and me smoked eel.Goos smoked salmon, forgotten what Ger had,probably tuna.
Wrestling a goat.
A few house facades in Enkhuizen,interesting,very small and crooked and leaning.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Place called Dordrecht and real Dutch surrounds,the Fowls on tour.

Today we drove to DORDRECHT a town not far from Rotterdam. It was pleasant, if not spectacular. More so was the countryside we drove through, typically Dutch villages and countryside. Another very enjoyable day.
Three different windmills.
Inner Harbour
Fishstall at the Market
Just around the corner from here,Dahlia Straat 19, the house where I was born,OMG 70 years ago.
Tulips for my Birthday,they started at vase height.
Anna's Hoeve , where my grandmother used to serve tea.

Pancakes in UTRECHT for the fowls.

On the 26th,yesterday, we went to Utrecht at about 3 pm , by train. Utrecht is only 15 -20 mins south of here by train. Some nice shops in Hoge Catarein and then a drink,like all the other thousands of people there. We walked the very historical University district and surrounds and ate beautiful pancakes at the lower level of the main canal.Good fun, nice town.
The geese at Lapersveld,on the way to the station. Look hard to the right,two babies. These were not as large as Hansel at home.
On our way to the Dom.
Historical buildings ,since tha 1400's and belonging to the church but part of the University for hundreds of years already.The district is mosly part of the Utrecht University,LOTTTTS of students around.
The small canals . Notes everywhere, no bikes here please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cafes at the warehouses in the canal walls.the red door was where we were at the pancake house.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Chook and the Rooster go Cruising on the Danube

The cruise report is now finished. Had to go from bottom up to make sense so hope I have not confused anyone. PLEASE NOTE Anyone trying to messga us, incoming messages from Aus. are not working,you'll have to email. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our darling Caitlyn and to Kristy. Hope you both have a great day. Trev & Friend PAT Crew antics
Skydeck view
Another Avalon ship
BUDAPEST a lovely city
PART of LIGHT lunch at Pushta
Budapest Pushta and horse show
Horse & Cart driver at the Pushta
War & peace at Freedom's memorial
View from palace side
The palace from our window.
Fisherman's bastion
Parliament Building St Michael's??
The Margareta Bridge
The Intercontinental, Budapest, Great breakfast, good service, reaonably priced restaurant.
The Boulevarde
Where "someone"left a $20 tip!
The rugs to put around because it was cold