Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Day in Fremantle

Old Papa's but now newly upgraded. Cappucino strip in Freo. The Birthday boy. Went to Fremantle today with Vicki & Caitlyn as Vicki had to go to the dentist. We had coffee in The Merchant, which used to be Old Papa's. Really nice layout there. Then to the dentist and Net was supposed to be working relief there but did not have to. She decided to meet up with us anyway and Caitlyn had her sit in the chair & familiarisation tour. Then to Target who had a good sale on and Trev actually wanted to buy a few things,some were pressies and also 2 blouses for me, very nice. Had lunch at the Foodhall opposite the markets,then home to pick up the kids from School. Was a really nice day. Gosh my cup runneth over as we had a nice night on Tuesday too with the kids and sisters there. Gotta go home and cook an appeltaart for the cafe now.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Try Again and Trev's Birthday

Changed our mind about Trev's Birthday.Celebrating on Tuesday with simply coffee and cake because everyone seems to be thinking about going to the Royal Show next weekend.Here are Riley & Zoe with Kyah.

Today the Weather is Fine

Riley & Kyah Yes it is a beautiful day today even though Trevor's local team, South Fremantle got badly beaten in the Grand Final .Even worse, the dockers lost on Friday but we all say, at least they got this far. The other WA team, the Eagles , won so they are in the Grand final with Sydney next week. Gives Trev one more chance because Sydney is his Eastern States team. I hope the Eagles win as I am very loyal to my own state. Last night was our dinner, dance. We had a great meal with lots of food and lots of entertainment plus good company. Among many others, I got mentioned for my contributions to the village and was given a couple of towels as well so that was nice. Today we took a drive to see where to ask the family to come for coffee or coffee and lunch to celebrate Trev's birthday. We put it off till next week because we were not sure what was happening with Scott & Jo & kids ready to go to the Grand Final. That was not to be but they will at least have saved a great deal of money. Posting a few pictures of Kyah and also a real cute one of Anna.Will have a look at last night's -photos later.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

She's Gone

Poor old Leftover,Rick & Karen's dog has now gone to better pastures and did so under protest. She was such a great dog and our thoughts are with them. Strange how things go like that because only last week Scott & Jo adopted a 4 year old cocker spaniel named KYAH. She is lovely and a sook. It seems so often ,even in the human factor, that one goes but is replaced by another. Our footy team won their preliminary final, one final to go, Sydney at Sydney and if they win that , it is a grand final the following week. That would be so great for the family and all the other Docker supporters ofcourse. Then again, the Eagles won also and play Adelaide in Adelaide. Wouldn't it be great if it was a WA Grand Final. There would be such an exodus from this state, we would be almost lonely. Victoria is not too happy, no Vicyorian team in the finals. They even say there should be an investigation into the matter. Ha! They're just not good enough. Everyone here has had the flu badly and has had days off work. I have been lucky , obviously that strain was in the flu needle that I have every year.Vicki has had bronchitus. Caitlyn has finally cut her first tooth. Put on these thoughts which our manager has on his desk sometimes. It's rather good but you might need a magnifyer to read it.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sad day for WA Footy

Well, we had the first finals, one after the other and both West Australian Teams lost. Totally unexpected but the Dockers did not deserve to win . I did not see the Eagles but Trev was looking and was pleased to see Sydney win because they are his 2nd favourite team.Luckily , they both have another shot, the advantage of finishing 1st (Eagles) and 3rd (Dockers).

Friday, September 08, 2006

What a Week

The past week has seen some strange happenings. The passing of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter and I did not realise what a huge following he had. Then today the racing car driver, Peter Brock,here in a rally accident,at Gidgigannup. The weather has done such strange things. On Sunday, at our picnic we were hot but since Monday it has been very cold and some days wet and windy as well, so much for Spring. Poor Caitlyn has had a bad week. We thought she was finally cutting a tooth as she had a temp on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday plus the bad nappies and sometimes lack of interest in food. In between she seemed more herself but the Health care nurse suggested a visit to the Doctor. Vicki took her to Andrew on Thursday and he said she had an inner ear infection, hence the temp.Last night she had a rash which was all over her this morning so we decided a visit to Andrew was appropriate again. He named the virus and we had seen that in the book but I have forgotten the name now . She had the typical symptoms of temperature & unwell for 3 days, day 4 seems better but rash all over.The rash looked a lot like German Measels. Poor little mite but she is very good,they just have to take care for a few more days. Finally , our Footy Team, the Dockers have got into the finals and play their first final ,in Adelaide tomorrow. We'll go & see it on the big screen at Scott's. Scott & Jo & kids will go to Melbourne if they manage to get into the Grand final. They have to drive as they lost airfares booked but it will be cheaper to drive.That will take 3 days there , minimum and the same back.Ofcourse one has to get tickets to the event also.It really would be great if the team managed to get to the Grand Final.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Fathers'Day and Spring has Sprung

The beginning of spring and we are very proud of our Iris plants this year. We have had well over 40 flowers so far and we've been able to pick some for the house and still leave enough outside for other people to enjoy. The wattles are beginning to bloom and quite a few other spring flowers are starting to appear. We went to Araluen with our family and the tulips there were beautiful. It was a gorgeous day ,even hot. The biggest problem was the fairly steep entry fee, up for the spring festival,($8 per adult) and the parking is horrible. Only us & Vicki & Travis managed a spot in the carparks. Scott & Jo and Karen & the girls were a long way out. The problem is that one is carrying food and seating arrangements, not funny when returning to the car as it is all UP!!! Rick was working but called in for a short time with his partner . Had some lovely photos , a pity they can't all go on this blog.


Yes Viv is 60 now. She still does not look anywhere near 6o . She is Trevor's younger sister and we are just a bit fond of her!We had a lovely dinner at the Mussel Bar in Fremantle, to celebrate and she celebrated in style with her family and best friends.She is always pleased to be with her family and it was good to see the latest addition, Ella , there as well. Wishing you many more years in happiness and health , Viv.