Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Back to school day.

Today all the kids went back to school so I'LL RING THEM UP TO SEE HOW THEIR DAY WENT. I'm almost tempted to ring the Ed. Department to say I'll come back to work, at a price, because they are about 250 teachers short.! But then again, I have too much to do to go back to work and it is too difficult with Centrelink and the pension because Centrelink does not get it right. We had Zoe & Riley for a sleepover last weekend and were going to take them for a trainride but it was just too hot. We had three days over 40 degrees , last time we had that was 1995, and the other days were up in the high 30's. Now it is reasonable, in the 30's and rising again for the weekend.We had the 2nd hottest day ever last week. We took them to Riley's cricket and were told he was being considered for upgrading next week, not bad as it is only his first season.They went home after lunch. Later in the afternoon Bella and Sarah came to be minded as Rick and Karen went to get together with little Steve who was on leave from Bali.They were quite pleased as he finally seems to have a permanent girlfriend. Next weekend the littlest one comes for a sleepover as her Mum & Dad have to go to Rose & Eddie's hen's and Buck's night. ( Vicki's friend) They get married in another 3 weeks. Have some photos of Riley & Zoe with Mac at home , will add them later. Happy Birthday Ger, a card is on it's way. Have a really great day with your family. Gerda and Gwen have a Birthday as well but they would never see this. Riley Happy Birthday for Thursday.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Australia

Happy Birthday Australia Tomorrow,January the 26th, is Australia Day and we will be celebrating, as many other Aussies will, with a breakfast at the club. In the evening there will be fireworks in the major cities and towns but it is going to be very hot, 39 degrees and we won't be going to watch. We'll see it on TV later.Our street is full of flags , we really have people in our street that get into the spirit of things. We were voted the best street for lights at Christmas. Our heatwave looks like being longer as today was 38.8 and 4 degrees higher than expected.The following days till after the weekend are all predicted to be in these high ranges of temperature. Thank God for air conditioning.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Just the Back Patio

My mossie frog,(I love him) displaying a weed I want identified. The back garden,spot Mac. The patio out the back is looking so lush and green ,depite the hot weather. It is ofcourse, partly covered . The elephant ears have been in flower and give off the strongest and most superb perfume.You would hardly believe they grow in a line of soil, about 40 or 50 cms in width,between the paving and the limestone wall.There is also a lot of Moses in the cradle and small golfstick plants there as well as Vinkas ,some mini Agapanthus and a few herbs.The rest is in pots and we're pretty pleased with it. We even have a small water feature. Some kids' birthdays coming up. First a big kid today, Happy Birthday Colin , then Riley on the 1st and Sarah on the 5th , they'll get a Happy Birthday later. School starts again soon too.1st time for Sarah.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Village Rules

Boy we certainly had an interesting Residents Group meeting on Tuesday. One of the members had displayed a temper previously but I thought it was because he was tired, had not had tea or been home after work and did not have his hearing aid. But this time he could not be excused . He simply refused to see anyone's viewpoint but his own and the rest of the Committee and the Residents in the first & second stage were old and inflexible. He got quite verbal and there was some name calling plus he told the other lady, 'And don't look at me like that" 'in quite an aggressive manner.What a shame, I had high hopes of this new Committee and so did the others. The Presidents says he requires apologies but none have been forthcoming yet. I think he needs to resign and requires anger treatment. OLD PEOPLE!! though he is one of the younger group! This evening the Social Committee had its AGM and it was over very quickly. Eight new members and I hope they do well. New chef starts Friday. He is more expensive but guarantees food quality and no one will miss out ,even if their table is called last.We have not booked this time but hope to next week.

We are having a few pleasant days in the middle to high twenties with very hot weekends in the high thirties.Had some nice cool morning walks.

Us with Ina ,Xmas Dinner in the


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tittle Tattle

Had a very busy but nice day last Wednesday. Geoff & Frank and Trev. played pool at our clubhouse & had chicken rolls here for lunch. The girls ' lunch at Ramons was pretty special again.After lunch to see the eye specialist again(left Nanny at the shops) and I'm all OK now.Can see distance beautifully. Will need glasses for reading but he says that may improve also when the other eye is done. That is not bad enough to do at this stage though. Picked Nanny up and went home, where we all had tea which I had prepared on the previous day, Frankens too. We had Indian stewed chicken legs and peanut potatoes.Chicken wings,zuccini slice, whole beetroots and rice.Then a marshmellow sweet that Ina made plus a baked cheese cake. Ofcourse we had to eat it again the next day! Babysat Caitlyn on Thursday again ,shopped on Friday and apart from some Library work had a pretty quiet few days.Trev trying on clothes to take on our cruise. he needs some taken in but refuses 'cause he is such a scrooge but he has lost weight so I'll have to work on him. Scott &Jo & kids going to Albany in their caravan, that will be nice.Got a few meetings this week but otherwise expect quiet again. New chef starting at the village restaurant this week. Comes with high recommendations, that's good but anyone will be better than the last one.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Last Weekend

The Branches at the Sadlier Place You tell 'em Jilly Trev & some of neighbours Young Lady Anna Sadlier We had our Spoonbill Close, street party and it was a nice evening. Our street all get on really well. We shared the salads & sweets and all brought our own meat. It was a banquet, as usual because everyone always brings extras. The next day we went to the Sadliers for morning tea with us and our chn & grandies, as most of us had not seen their new house as yet. What a magnificent house. A great choice they made and certainly the type of house they could live in, with children ,for many years. Each area is separated with it's own hallway,living, master suite and children's suite. Well done Kristy & Colin.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Saw one of our Residents looking under some of the lavender bushers,at a distance, yesterday ,as I was on my way out to the shops. Wound my window down & she said she saw a snake going in there!!! Now, me and snakes just don't go, I am totally terrified of them to the point of acting totally out of character. Shops only took 10 mins or so and as I had not seen the lady walk back to the office, I decided to stop & do so myself. To my horror, I saw it, (at least 1 1/2 meter long one), slithering towards a house(Kay's) so ran to office , no one there, rang the Managers, no-one answered.Panic, thought I'd have to find snakebusters myself and ring Kay, whose house it was going towards.A couple of the cafe workers were coming out & said they would tell Kay. Finally found Jan, manager, who started to ring snake busters and as she is ringing, what do we see but Elaine, Kay's neighbour, chopping at the snake with a spade.!!! She killed it and had to clean up the mess while others stood by, including a couple of men. She deserves a medal as far as I'm concerned. A couple of people actually said, poor beautiful snake,was a harmless tree snake. I doubt it very much , this is dugite & tigersnake country and it was far too big. Going to make Elaine a merit certificate!!! Got our street party tonight, should be nice.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


My lovely daughters -in-law,Karen &Jo Sarah danced with Denise The dancing queen with Kelly and my sister Nanny Our boy Riley,had had enough of partying Number 2, Bella ,bashing the pineata My eldest grandie,Zoe,getting a big girl now.

Monday, January 01, 2007


Oma & Caitlyn Father and son, Scott. My darling fairy What happens to men in Aus on Boxing Day? Cricket. !!!!that's what !!!! Matthew & Ella Found one.!Kristy,Anna,Zoe,Vicki & caitlyn on boxing day It is going to be a great year, at least so I have decided. Can't seem to find my boxingday pics, must have lost them somewhere!!!! Had a great evening at Net & Gary's for new Year's Eve.Everyone wore a hat or mask, even the kids. We had pineatas and decorations ,more food and drink and dancing.Caitlyn danced as much as the older girls!! Rick was the only one who had to work this year but came in on his way home at 10 am this morning.