Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rain, rain and more rain

Yes, lots of rain. You would never find any other country where they enjoy having rain as much as here. Everyone loves it and our little trickle of a river, the Canning River, is now actually looking like a river, certainly not one you can jump over any more.We just hope that it fills our dams to a reasonable level.

At the village all is well.

My dispute with the Management has come to a head because I wrote to them and to the owner as I was sick of the whole situation. We met and shook hands and the wife actually apologised which was great. I know he would not but again, we shook hands and he gave a hug and all is over and done with.

Life with the Branches is just the usual business but Trev is home most days now . He is doing a large job for Jacquie and she has paid him by giving us a huge discount on a trip. We go to Vietnam and Malaysia at the end of October. A great way to get paid eh!

Have heard from the US that Nanny is really well after all that drama,which is terrific. They leave on Monday.

The kids are all well and , touch wood, there has not been much 'flu in the family, just a few colds and it appears that Riley has a dose of bronchitus again.

The worst we have had was Travis , who had a tummy wog, fainted , then fell in the shower, cutting his forehead open ,needing 8 stitches, and also injuring his nose. He too is on the mend but will be left with a jagged "Harry Potter" scar.

Our Footy team had its worst loss yesterday and it was soooooo disappointing.

I am including some photos, one a rather nice one from the river along a new path I found .

One of Mac, as I see him when we're walking. Then one of him cuddling his dad. Then Kiah, whom we minded, asleep in the catbasket in the bedroom.(Not bad for ad dog that sleeps in the garage normally at home.) Lastly some from the village.

Well, I really came here to do some library work because Gary has finished our new shelving ( and everyone is most impressed)but I'm not getting very far. I'll have to come back tomorrow if I can find some time , Mah-Jong takes till 1 pm and if not that, I will probably have Riley to look after.

.Happy Birthday to Travis and Andrea for Tomorrow!!!Best Wishes and good health.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Just A Jotting

Sometimes you feel you just have to write something but cannot find inspiration. This is one of those days. Not much to report. I am presently at Vicki's , babysitting Caitlyn and she is asleep. Had Bella & Sarah for a while yesterday and Tuesday. The weather is not nice, cold and not pouring with rain, just wet. High winds expected later. Just a bit more like the weather is supposed to be in the world's second windiest city. We still need lots of rain. Nanny, while I think of this, your hearing aid company rang to say you can have another full assessment, so you'll have to ring when you get home, I have the number, hope you are still on the improve.When are you due back? It is hard to keep up with everyone travelling, going out ( Like Cirque de Soleil"s Verekai) . I'll have to get a voice mail to remind me of when and where I am babysitting or dogsitting!!! I think some may overlap! Mick's birthday on the weekend, have a great day Mick.It was also Mark's Birthday. Madeleine had hers earlier, hope that was a great day! Cousins in Holland, Ab Kelder and Wil de Vries were also this month. Son in Law Travis has his on the 30th. Happy Birthday All

Friday, July 13, 2007


Waiting to hear from my sister Nanny to see how she is now! Denise said she seemed to be OK after her op. Otherwise nothing exciting. had my 6 month bloodtests and all seems to be well except my BP , no wonder after the turmoil here so back onto original BP dose, what a shame!!Everything else OK except lacking Vit D. With all my walking, one would think I had enough sun exposure but then again , one worries so much about skin cancer here in WA that one always covers up.

Scott , Jo & kids gone to Exmouth, about a 2 day trip up North and we have their dog Kiah. That dog cannot walk on a lead and runs away if you let her off. Poor old Mac did not know what he had there since I shouted heel all the time. At home she seems fine , though hope she has not been barking while I have been out as I had to do an extra stint in the cafe.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

To my dear sister and daughter-in -law Karen who have both had a health scare,so glad all has turned out well. Nanny had an infected gall bladder and gall stones and Karen has a virus in her head. Nanny has had her operation and Karen is on medication but both seem to have been through the worst and are on the mend.

Here 's a guardian Angel for you.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Wind and Rain and Monday

Caitlyn with her Aunties Karen & Jo.
Just look at that beautiful teapot cake!!!

Clever Mummy

Scott & Jo

Anna at lunch

Kelly, Zoe & the

Birthday girl Aunty Jo , Sarah (yes she now ties her hair!)& Caitlyn

Coffee Maker Vicki

Net & Gary Making tea for Pop

Our Mac

The daffodil

Caitlyn practising for the teaparty at Aunty Karin's

Well we had a lovely day at Caitlyn's teaparty and I actually forgot to take some pics of her table. Vicki had it set up beautifully with tiers of cakes ,teapots and all the handled cake and biscuit dishes, it really was lovely.Lots of people there but we all had to stay inside because it was very wet. She got some lovely pressies and we bought her a teaset with a musical teapot. She made Pop a lovely cup of tea before the other visitors came. Jo had bought exactly the same because Vicki had told her she wanted a set for inside and outside so Jo got her a Brats one instead.
Today after Mah-Jong we had soup lunch at the club , it was very nice and at least 70 people attended.A nice fund raiser.
There are still rumbles in the village and I find it very sad because most of us just love living here but Management are nasty people. Now we have a petition going around questioning some of the causes for the grumbles, (like the new contract for 2 years for the manager and some of the maintenance e.g. rising damp on the pool, not being done).We have signed it and so have a great many others, about 60-70 when we put our name down and there were more to come. They still look through or past me when they see me, so childish.
My sister Nanny was diagnosed with gallstones in Holland and did not have them operated on, silly girl. She is now in the US and says she is feeling a little better,hope so for her sake.
Still getting lots of rain , which is what we want. No-one is complaining.I had my first daffodil come out last week .They were bought from Bella's scholl who have a bulb sale yearly for Fundraising.

It was a blue moon this week and it looked great.Did not bring any surprises but then , doesn't matter.We did have a lovely Football match on Saturday and we won, maybe it was the blue moon after all.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Caitlyn, Kristy and Rain

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday Caitlyn & Kristy

Happy Birthday to you.