Friday, December 18, 2009

An Early Family Christmas

My goodness, two posts in as many days! Well we had another family get together, barbecue at Vicki and Travis's because they and Trev and I, will miss Christmas Eve, for the first time in years, and celebrate Xmas in Bali instead.(They leave Tuesday, we on Wednesday.) Thus we had our gift giving, just from us .Lovely things appeared from parcels, Esky, special wines and preserves, delicate brooches, lively plants that cannot die, Miniature lemon tree, perfume, soap, chocolates, football radio, dollies, rainbow ponies and some great vouchers and wonderful books. Father Christmas did not mind being early, saves him some time on Xmas Eve and morning.Ofcourse , the others here will still celebrate on Christmas Eve, as normal. I think we were all thrilled, pleased and surprised by the gift each family got from Vicki, Travis and Caitlyn...a book containing images of our lovely family holiday in Thailand, last year.
Cushions everywhere. Started last year but lost in storage, I have now finished them, 11 in all and a couple half way which I might finish for the kids when they have their market stall.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Concerts for my Dancing Queens

We went to the girls dancing concerts, 3 weeks in a row and they all did so very well again. Zoe's was held at the John Curtin performing arts theatre, the school where I was one of the original graduating students,a great many years ago. Zoe took Ballet for the first time and it was good to see she did quite well. Was also nice to have Denise there to watch the show. Would have brought back many memories for Denise who was quite a star in her days. Zoe , the hippy, ready for the finale.
Zoe, so grown up, waiting for her next dance.
Zoe and friends, Chinese ballet.
The youngest, Caitlyn, starred in her concert in Kwinana. She told her Mummy she had tried sooo hard all year and indeed she had. She won the overall trophy for pre schoolers Jazz and Tap. Her Mummy & Daddy were so proud and Oma thought she was pretty good too. Was nice to have my eldest granddaughter Zoe, accompany me to this concert.
The last concert was that of Bella and Sarah, held in the Kalamunda Performing arts centre.Simple but well done,they did not miss a beat.
Small gifts for all. They deserved them.
Bella dancing the EgyptianThe Egyptian girl.
Tuesday I attended the Presentation assembly at Zoe & Riley's school.It was very efficiently run and you could see it had been well practised.
Sarah 's class and the other little ones had a special concert assembly, last week. They all performed their favourite Xmas songs and plays. Was well done and the kids seemed to really enjoy it.
A job well done. SARAH SAYS HER PIECE

Thursday, December 03, 2009


The Christmas Tree, symbol of Joy and Peace and Love and Family. Just ask any of our kids. Sorry I won't be there with you all but we'll think of you for sure. The call to a Christmas overseas was too strong so Bali, here we come. (in 19 more days.) Celebrating Life. The little boy had a visit in the big paddock , near the big horses.
Mah Jong Club dinner setting,by Kathleen, was lovely and the company was great.Riner, the village Cafe Chef really did his best and the meal was very good.
Just a few lights on the cubbyhouse, next year it will be ablaze with lights, this year we're in Bali for Christmas.