Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Australia Day 2010

This was our Australia Day, hope everyone had a great day also. Waiting for breakfast at Net & Gary's. A lovely start to Australia Day.
How Australian can you get, the boys (Trev,Bruce and Gary) around the Barbie. Then off to the Park at Armadale Central in the late afternoon.
We sat and waited patiently for 4 hours, with a picnic food break in between. Gary and Net.
All the girls thought outside the square when they decorated themselves with glow sticks, this was Sarah's idea.
You would almost think I did this on purpose. Alas, no. I just need one of my wizardry kids to check the settings on my camara, it does not like night pictures or movements.
The Fireworks were behind the tree that had effectively kept us in the shade all afternoon.,but still nice ending to Australia Day.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Small Cubbyhouse update

Caitlyn doing a turn with Elvis in Armadale Central.
Sarah with the wire Mac.
Zoe was trying to get Mac to 'Pose"He always looks better than he does in his photos.
Zoe & Riley helping Pop with the vegies.
Can't really say that exciting things happen, yet we always seem to be busy enough. I guess one of the things that shortens the day is that we tend to have a nanna nap in the afternoon.Basically the busiest days are when I mind the children,Mondays and Tuesdays and extras when the parents have to go out. This weekend we had Caitlyn stay for 2 nights while Vicki & Trav went to a wedding in Margaret River area. Karen is going to do a minding day for me on Monday, so I can play Mah Jong. Next week will be busy with Australia Day Functions, B/fast at Net & Gary's( their new place is so lovely) & maybe picnic dinner and fireworks at Armadale in the evening. That Saturday a birthday celebration for Riley and Gwen's 75th birthday on the Sunday.
Birthday people for January and February, We wish you a Wonderful and Happy Birthday.........
Brad on the 5th, Bob on the 17th, Colin 22nd and AUSTRALIA on the 26th. Then in Feb we have our Grandson Riley on the 1st and also s/i/l Gwen as well as Gerry. Sarah will be 7 on the 5th and cousin Henk ,much older at around 90 on the 18th. Apart from that there are lots of wedding anniversaries,Viv & Mick, both my sisters,Ina & Frank & Denise and Bruce. Happy Anniversary all.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Museum Day

Today out for a holiday jaunt to the Welcome walls, Maritime museum, E shed and drive around some of our old houses. Then they cooked ,then they swam and were joinde by Caitlyn , who really loves her cousins. Dog! racing at E-Shed
One bowl of chips between us AND CAN WE PULL FUNNY FACES NOW?
from Museum to harbour and ocean Pointing to our family name on the welcome walls. A few pics of today. How great does it feel when the staff member tells them how well behaved they were and thank you, come again!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Abranchofpeepsaday's blog

This has been copied ,verbatum, from Karen's 'Blog a Day'.I am not plagerising, just giving her the credit for being a very funny lady and it's all true. All I could hear was,"And don't you dare bite me in the bum!"
Abranchofpeepsaday's blog: "Poor Trev, the animals in our menagerie just love him!!! Pixie loves to climb up the deck say hello through the door, do her dump on the deck and leave. The best one so far was when Rick and Trev were doing work in and around the caravan, Pixie was just curious, so she went into the Caravan and when Trev went to have a look at what was going on she was inside the caravan!! And horses aren't supposed to climb steps.... The old pixie just use to go up and torment him!! New it wouldn't take long before a fence of some sort went The funny thing is she was behind Trev watching what he was doing patiently!"

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

BALI 2009/10

Our trip to Bali did not start off so good. I left our passport wallet at the check-in counter,no ID in them so had to get checked out of the system to go back and oh ,how lucky was I they were there.? They had most of our cash in them!!!!Check in again and off we go.Arrive at hotel, get cases from car. No Trev, that is not our case! Frantic call to Raceng,who sends a driver. Back to airport , case at lost & found. Other one we have to deliver to owner. OK then holiday starts. Hotel Griya Santrian much better than expected and Vicki, Trav & Caitlyn , 5 mins walk, right next door in the Basaki.We had not been to Bali for 12 years and I list the new improved Bali. Sanur, quiet but good. Toilets at most restaurants,clean & flushing Hotel great Restaurants,good Food, variety & good Shopping, diversity Cars ,new & aircon Iced coffees(try Mona Lisa's ) Bakery items available Supermarkets with good range Safari Park, excellent Spice Gardens , interesting Bali Collection, Nusa Dua, still good Markets, shops,variety Prices,still 1/2 or 1/3 Traffic, organised chaos but never felt threatened as drivers are patient. Cars & driver, about $60-$70 a day and very obliging. (YES WE HAVE PHONE & EMAIL NUMBERS.) What with apologies to a lovely country and a lovely people; I DON"T like?????????????????????, Garuda service (the cabin stewardess had the cheek to ask for the Garuda pen back ...we travelled business!!!!!!!!!!!) Filthy toilets in airport and I believe Marta Hari too. Garuda lounge at Denpassar airport,lousy food, dirty toilet,had to tell the boy to clean the dirty coffee machine. The American who spoke loudly on his mobile while guide at Safari park was giving us information. He then had the cheek to tell Trev that he was rude for chastising him! Busy Kuta,best avoided. Bali dogs. Still a lot of dirt and unsanitary rubbish collections. Bali Belly, despite preventitive efforts. Fortunately not as bad as usual. Merry Xmas Trev Beautiful little dancers to entertain us for Xmas Dinner at the Bali Beach shack
Sunrise over pool at Griya santrian, Sanur, Bali
Lights on
Huge carving
Inside room
Outside of room
Caitlyn walking with elephant (not real)
Monkey hugs
Caitlyn feeding elephants
Safari Park, monkey helping with tree planting.
Safari park had 2 shows , with environmental themes. This elephant pretended it was shot.
Yes , the animals were this close
Yes,kissed by an elephant
Caitlyn with serviette hat in Ubud restaurant
Seeking blessings at holy spring
Bali farm worker
Rice terraces
We MUST market
Pool at Pondok Bambu, Candi Dasa
Coffee roasting
Coffee fruit at Spice Gardens
My satays at the Mona Lisa (Also have the best iced coffee in Bali) A tranquil corner at Griya Santrian
Ginger plant
High Tea at Seminyak
Something sweet at the Wicked Parrot. Bali Galleria
Raceng,Putri and family