Friday, November 24, 2006


Oh it is good to have friends.Mine were booked to go out to lunch on Dec 6th but I had to pull out because of my eye operation. Now they have decide they do not want to go without me and will go in January instead. That was just so nice, I was quite emotional over it and thanked them for it too.Here is my public Thank You. I have had 2 weeks fairly easy because Vicki has had 2 weeks off work, Dr's order because the boss had caused a bit of a stress situation over Vicki needing to reduce hours of work.She goes to her new branch next week.I have been very busy organizing my Christmas things, (yes, I cooked my Xmas cakes and some shortbread too),doing some very necessary library work and lobbying for people to stand for the Residents Committee in the village because only an election will give them the choice of people they want.I typed out a few of the profiles to help those willing to stand. As well we needed to persuade some of the newer residents to stand and fortunately we did.Elections are on the 30th. Scott had his knee operation and he is walking already. We are amazed because when Trev had his done ,many years ago, he had to stay in bed and then rest for weeks. I have had a walk nearly every day and my dear little Mac has had a walk quite often too and he is really looking trim. The kids are coming for lunch on Sunday and putting up the Xmas lights that I can't get up on the ladder for. They come in handy eh? But it is always nice to have them. Trev has started his first lawn bowling lessons here at the village. The green is officially being opened on Dec 3rd.

Lastly, my family in Holland, I wonder if any of them still look at this because I don't hear much from them. The idea of this was to inform friends and family (like the ones in the US too!!!!) ,it is a much more interesting way of doing so , though I realise, not personal.Let me know if you want me to email you personally instead.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A lot to Say

Yes.she's walking!!! I've got a lot of updating to do but am very busy at the moment,various things. Will get to it so in the meantime, Hi everyone,we're doing great.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The eyes have it

Excitement yesterday as I finally got the appointment to have my eye operation. Spent today filling out forms and getting reports from Dr Sumich,my G.P. Even she thought it had been a long wait and thought I had already had it done. Gosh, have never had to fill in so much paperwork for a day procedure. Being operated on, on the eve of St. Nicholas Day, the 5th of December and back to specialist on the 6th. (a pity, I'll miss lunch with the girls.) While at Garden City , bought an outfit for the cruise and I really like it.By the time I had done that and stopped over at Livingstone shopping centre, it was not worth going home so had a cuppa and went to Scott's as I had to pick the kids up from school. Welcome home to my sisters, Net from Kalgoorlie, granddaughter visit, Nanny from KL and Penang.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Here we are again

Well at last we seem to be returning to a reasonable level of health after that horror flu. Even now we still get very tired and have the occasional coughing fit but generally it seems to be disappearing. Have never had such a longlasting flu with so many side effects. I am back into baby sitting again but Karen has kindly taken over the care of Caitlyn on Wednesdays,which gives me another break.Hence she has so many cute photos of Caitlyn on her blog lately. We will no doubt be doing a few extra babysits because the festive season's functions are starting.I had Caitlyn & Sarah today and they were both lovely. We do it again tomorrow and finish up with Zoe & Riley at their place because Scott & Jo have a function to go to. Tea will be already done for us so that is a bonus. Scott has a few things medically to be doen, a lump on a finger being looked at this week, Knee cartilage to be fixed on the 20th and laser work on his eyes next January.That will keep him out of trouble!!! Last Friday we paid our deposit for our holiday in March next year.We have been saving hard and the petrol money Vicki & Rick have banked for us will help as well. We go to Brisbane for 1 night. Then 7 nights on the Pacific Star to Noumea,Lifou and Vila. Back to Brisbane and another 5 nights there. Have only ever done a cruise to nowhere on a Russian ship , besides my coming here on the Johan van Oldenbarneveld and Trevor did a cruise to Sydney in his youth, so we are really looking forward to this one. Lastly a couple of milestones to record. Caitlyn is finally walking, all the time now and Bella has started her riding lessons. I'll pinch one of Karen's photos again but one must agree with me, she looks like she has been riding a horse all her life!!!Riley & Zoe are doing school swimming at the moment and Riley has started to play cricket.