Friday, March 31, 2006

Dear Bella

I have just read your Mum's Blog and see that you have had tosilitis since Thursday. I am so sorry. I would have come to see you. I can't even come tomorrow because Pop has a job to do and needs the little car and Aunty Vicki has our other car because her brakes are no good and they can't get fixed till Tuesday. We are trying to fiddle cars between us depending on who needs them most. I do hope you are feeling much better. Riley is not well either, Pop had to pick him up from school while I was at the doctor's, yesterdAY. wE THINK THAT WAS TONSILITIS TOO. So , remember we are thinking of you and send kisses and hugs and her are some pretty pictures too.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Quiz Night

Today we had aQuiz Night at the Village. I had made up the questions and Trevor Called them.It seemed to go alright but I may have been a little rusty as I had several questions queried, but further research proved that they were right and so was I. The worst was that I made a mistake in my adding and it meant a change in what were thought to be winners. But I guess we can't be perfect . We also welcomed residents of 7 new houses to the village, 3of which, I was involved in ,the other 4 done by other pairs of the Welcome Committee. We find it enjoyable but it is time consuming,each house takes an hour plus the time in the club and having a cuppa. Did not have to babysit Caitlyn today nor tomorrow as the other Nanna, Maureen has taken her for the 2 days. Wonder how Mummy and Daddy went without their baby at home?

Friday, March 24, 2006

A Funeral Recalled

This week we attended the funeral of neighbour Allan ,a great gentleman who has led a most interesting life. Apart from the sadness for his family (2 daughters, son-in-law and 3 grandsons) and our dear friend Lydia , (here in the village also who was his partner for the past 2 years) Allan's funeral seemed mostly to give his friends (and family ) a chance to pay tribute to this fine man.Included in the service booklet were many quotes, verses and poems, including two written by Allan himself. With respect and admiration of Allan and to his daughters, I won't publish that all here but would very much like to quote two verses from his poem " AT MY FUNERAL". Do not dim the lights
Nor draw the curtains
I have had my time
More hours than I had dared to wish
Wear no black for me
I should not be mourned
Except if you recall
Some merit in my life.
My thanks and rest in Peace Allan.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Cyclone

Cyclone Larry,which hit the Queensland coast this week also hit Morylian,which is where cousins Rick and Lotty live. They are fine, thank goodness but because they were in the eye of the storm, they have sustained a great deal of damage. I spoke to their daughter Ingrid tonight and the house is pretty good except a Norfolk Pine fell on the varandah roof but seems not to have damaged the main house. Their palms and all the gardens are completely ruined and I believe the glasshouse is down and a lot of orchids ruined. They have food & water, rainwater, . They have a generator for the fridge . No power but gas so can cook and boil the water. I'll try them tomorrow night and hope the phone works as apparently it is off and on.

The Cyclone

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Here they are at last

The little swimmers now. They are still getting used to the water. They are what POP calls "IMMER THE SWIMMER". don't ask me why ,it is just a way Australians express themselves. They splash and jump and generally enjoy the feel of the water. This curly top swimmer,Sarah, has the feel of the water and is getting quite game playing with and in the water. She is starting to stroke. Caitlyn still needs Daddy Travis's help but she is starting to remember what she has to do.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

More of the swimmers

It really does not want to upload the other photos.What a pity. I'll have to try again tomorrow. I'll be back.

Learning to Swim

The grandkids all go to swimming lessons now First Bella, getting some instructions from Dad Zoe is doing VERY well . She swims laps and when she has finished in this level will be able to join the swim Club. A pity she shows up so little on the photo. Riley has also gone up a stage . Since my half hour is up(we are on a PABX system here),I'll have to stop and start again in a minute.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Second Cousins but still close

This is our Mosaic being laid at our village under the watchful eye of Trevor and Carmel(art committee member).I co-ordinated the project and the then residents had their input by laying a few ,or a lot , of pieces. It looks great and we are extremely proud of the project. My Favourite cartoon Character .... Eeaw Denise ( visiting from Atlanta) and Caitlyn. Juliana (Perth) and Christopher (Atlanta) head the table of my little ones at our Sunday breakfast party. Kelly & Zoe at the Dockers & Eagles Derby The kids are all close,which is good, but it is even more delightful that the grandchildren of our sisters also get on well and the big ones really look after the little kids.Even the US branch are always well received. I do not have photos of all of them but here are some.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Those favourite places

Shanghai and Xi'an. Those awesome,unbelievable Terracotta Warriors, shopping in Shanghai, The Pearl of the Orient Tower from 'the Bund". Then Caitlyn, homegrown and oh so cute. New Pic today.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Apart from me and my family migrating to Australia, from Holland,Trevor and I did not start to really travel until 1972 when we went to Singapore and Malaysia on an Apex Convention. The Bug really bit us hard and 1974 saw us taking our boys to Holland and Europe and it went on from there. We returned there several times and get very absorbed in the History and beauty of the distinctively different countryside.It is always wonderful to return to the family also. We have travelled to a variety of Asian countries and a few places in Australia have been on the itinerary also. Tasmania is a favourite but Melbourne is for shopping.It is not possible to display photos from all ou travels so will put in a couple of favourite places.Egypt,Singapore and Holland to start.

We Love to Travel