Friday, October 23, 2009

The Dutchies visit the Cubbyhouse

Just an update. The family from Holland has arrived, last saturday. We had them here one night and Denise wanted to have a family barbecue to introduce the house, baby Grace and the Dutchies so she said we might as well bring them then. I believe the Porters will have them for a couple of days as well and then we pick them up this Sunday for a short week in Dunsborough ,before the Nankiville wedding on Saturday. After the wedding and after Kristy has gone back to Sydney, they will go to Net's . We slept and will sleep in the caravan because we don't have extra sleeping room but the caravan is a comfy one so it's OK. The vegetables are going very well and we have had radish, English spinach, beautiful lettuce and some beetroot. Lots of lettuce to come and other vegies. It's great. Last a series of mish mash photos from my mobile. Have not been able to download them . Travis managed to do so but says it's quite a long and difficult process so bugger LG, Nokia was as easy as pie. Happy birthday for earlier in the week to Matthew, sorry, the card still lies on my desk. It will get there, eventually. Glad the weather is better now, more like the Spring we are used to.
Just look at them vegies!!!!!
WISHING fishing at the Morgan jetty in Mandurah.
Lunch on the deck at Denise & Bruce's in Mandurah
Bella & Pixie
This birdy decided to visit me ,in Trev's car, in Jarrahdale.
The Cubbyhouse from the main road
Poffertjes in Laren, Holland
Danube villages
Dining on the Danube cruise
Oi,asleep in the cubbyhouse and missing his f amily.
This,Brussels, and the Budapest parliament house would be some of my favourite buildings.
Just some of the 22 00 plantings at the Brook walk.
Still waiting for someone to tell me the name of THIS variety of Blackboys or grasstrees.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Firstly, Birthdays, Happy Ones to Lyndall and Johari and later in the month,Annemarie and Suhaima. Busy times ahead as we are expecting cousins Jan & Adrie from Holland on Saturday.We start with a family barbecue at Denise and Bruce's new place in Mandurah. the visitors will stay there and we'll pick them up the next Sunday for 5 days in Dunsborough. Then Kasha & Michael's wedding and when that is over & Kristy has returned home, they'll stay with Net & Gary. Very happy to be asked to help pick up sister Net, Kristy and Anna and baby Grace. Was lovely to see them back and lovely to see the new addition to the family. The pictures speak for themselves, she is gorgeous. Vicki & Caitlyn met us at Net & Gary's house, they were impressed as well. Aunty Vicki took lots of pictures so will be keen to see them. Grace getting cuddles from Aunty Vicki, Mum Kristy, in the background. I'm ready to take you all on,,Grace 3 1/2 weeks
Proud Pop with Anna
The holidays came and went without much of it affecting us. Trev went and minded Kiah,Scott & family's dog (they went to Bali) while I stayed home to catch the girls here after 2.30 ,when Rick went to work on afternoon shift. Worst was the day I had lunch in Gateways and bought a blouse and window shopped, I did not realise till I looked at my car clock and was nearly home that I had forgotten the girls and ofcourse RICK WOULD NOT RING AND SAY ,"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?"He had taken the girls to work with him. I did pick them up there. Sorry Rick, sorry Bella & Sarah.
Vicki and I and the girls went to Fremantle to the Maritime Museum. They went through at breakneck speed because it was a treasure hunt. Saw little but enjoyed the putting together of the map. colouring and clay, which they were allowed to take home.
Trev and I went to the Jarrahdale show, was nice,busy, parking was bad, and we bought the little ones huge bubble wands. Some nice things on show.
Sarah making bubbles with the giant bubblewand.
Caitlyn,Bella and Sarah at the Fremantle Maritime Museum

Saturday, October 03, 2009


No internet again. Waiting for Telstra to check their lines. Is a pain in the neck. Hope your shift went well Denise & Bruce, let's know your address soon. Happy Birthday for Tuesday Scott. Hope you'll be treated well in Bali.